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There’s been a growing trend in recent years where more women are advancing to visible leadership roles with high-profile technology companies. Many companies, including Maximizer, are adopting a more gender-balanced and inclusive approach with respect to hiring practices, and our culture and work environment is diverse and fully supportive of our employees achieving great things.

We have several women on the Maximizer leadership team and we wanted to take this opportunity to showcase these leaders in hopes they can inspire other women who want to succeed in the software and technology industry, or young women contemplating a career in IT.

Elena Yurkova




Elena Yurkova, Product Manager – Head office, Vancouver BC


What does your typical day look like at Maximizer and what are some of your key responsibilities?  

As a product manager at Maximizer CRM, I’m responsible for managing the Dashboard & Reporting features of our CRM software. My main responsibility is to improve functionality based on customers’ feedback, market trends, and company strategy. So, a typical day involves juggling between software engineers, internal stakeholders, and customers. During the same day, you can find me deep diving into technical discussions, writing detailed feature requirements, and presenting product strategy and road map.

How did you get started within the tech industry?  

I have a background in supply chain management, and I have previously worked in manufacturing, logistics, and retail. In the retail industry, I was a Product Manager who acted as a liaison between vendors, customers, and franchise owners. A true productivity boost happened when I introduced business intelligence to my daily routine. It allowed me to elevate my daily tasks and back up my strategic decisions with data, instead of shooting in the blind. This led me to eventually work in the tech industry because I wanted people to have the same breakthroughs with the help of technology. That’s how I ended up working at Maximizer.   

What qualities do you recommend women have to consider an opportunity in tech?  

I believe there are lots of qualities females have that can be leveraged in the tech industry. As I call it, the tech industry requires a mindset of an “explorer”. It is incredibly fast-paced, so you need to be excited and interested in learning. Successful people in the industry are curious, open to new possibilities and constantly researching new opportunities. Sometimes you have to go into a new territory, and that means you have to be brave, so just go for it. It’s impossible to know everything, all at once. If you don’t know something, that’s okay, don’t be afraid; just research, explore and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

What’s your one piece of advice for women looking to work in the tech industry?  

Don’t take things personally. Sometimes, tech discussions can get heated, but it’s all about collaboration and finding the right solutions. Also, choose prioritization before perfectionism, don’t get carried away by details, stick to your priorities to meet tight deadlines and avoid burnouts.

“If you don’t know something that’s fine, nobody can know everything. Stick to what’s most important and be willing to learn on the job.” 




Harriet Ansell, Customer Success Manager – EMEA 


What does your typical day look like at Maximizer and what are some of your key responsibilities?  

As Maximizer CRM’s Customer Success Manager for the EMEA region, I manage client relationships that ensure our customers are gaining maximum business value. Managing the on-boarding process for our EMEA direct customers, means I guide new customers through the initial stages of their CRM project, which helps them achieve successful adoption and business benefits. One of my key responsibilities with existing customers is to schedule regular value review calls, where I listen to the customer about their business challenges and goals and help them address and achieve these via Maximizer CRM. Working closely with account managers, the marketing and renewals team, I can share critical customer account information which can be used to increase our customer satisfaction and retention rates.

How did you get started within the tech industry?   

Studying languages at University, I have always been passionate about communication, and love listening to people and their life experiences. This naturally coincided with the customer success manager role here, as one of the key skills included the ability to communicate effectively and use this knowledge to support the customer in the best possible way; representing the ‘voice of the customer.’

What does the ideal work culture look like to you?   

Full team collaboration across the business, where everyone is working towards the same goal, mutual respect, and validation of each other’s work. Positivity and support all round. Flexibility and an easy-going office vibe.

What qualities do you recommend women have, to consider an opportunity in tech? 

Confidence and self-awareness of their value and worth, don’t be afraid to communicate your thoughts and ideas and express yourself.

What’s your one piece of advice for women looking to work in the tech industry?  

Don’t hold back, know your strengths and use them.

“Be confident in your strengths”  

In conclusion 

The tech world is constantly evolving, and businesses are becoming more inclusive in their hiring practices. We’re very proud to be a part of this movement and hope to inspire and empower other women across our organization. This autumn Maximizer will be sponsoring the Women’s Business Expo in Farnborough, UK, and we are very excited to meet other inspiring women in the field of business. Also, stay tuned on what other members of our team have to say about their experiences working in the technology sector in our next blog feature.

If you’d like to learn about joining the team at Maximizer check out our current career openings. Or to discover how Maximizer CRM can help you sell more and grow your revenue streams, sign up for a 30-day free trial or watch a free video overview today!

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