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Whether you are already an existing Maximizer customer or thinking of purchasing our CRM solution, we want to ensure that you get the most from your CRM investment.

We do this in many ways (see below), including our weekly Social Media #TipTuesdays posts –  these are short videos showing you smarter ways to use Maximizer and designed to help you get the most out of your working day!

Here’s a taster of some of the tutorials we’ve posted!

1. Customizing Your Icon Bar

Customizing your Icon Bar: Make your CRM a perfect fit for your business, with Maximizer’s fully customisable interface. Learn how to choose and order the task icons you want to access on a regular basis, such as Dashboards, Address Book, Hot Tasks or Opportunities etc.

2. Uploading Documents Into Maximizer

Uploading Documents into Maximizer: Rapidly organise any documents you have sent your customers (quotes, marketing brochures, contracts, invoices etc) by storing against your customer records in Maximizer. Learn how to store files (documents, spreadsheets, images) in the Documents Tab with simple and quick drag and drop.

3. Checking Duplicates In Your Address Book

Checking for Duplicates in Your Address Book: Regular data cleansing is an important element of your data management practices. Learn how to easily identify and safely delete duplicate contact records in order to maintain clean, accurate data quality.

4. Searching for Specific Notes

Searching for Specific Notes: You’ve recorded lots of useful information in notes, such as phone calls, emails, meetings, tasks and manual updates, now you want to access these quickly and easily. Learn how to use Maximizer’s search function with keyword and date range to find all notes with your related search term.

5. Global Edits

Global Edits: You’ve got edits you want to make to a group of contacts – thankfully with Maximizer’s Global Editing tool you can do this quickly and easily. Learn how to create your list, choose a field, add your rule and the required new data and away you go. Great for adding, modifying and deleting specific data!

6. Changing Your Column Set Up

Changing Your Column Set Up: Another great way to customise the Maximizer interface for your own unique needs. Learn how to select, order and personalise your column setup to show the fields you need on a daily basis. This is possible across all modules.

7. Grouping Address Field Entries

Grouping Address Field Entries: Another great shortcut to quickly access your most important contacts. Learn how to use the Category field to group your Address Book entries, for example: Customer, Supplier, Partner or Competitor. This is possible for Company, Individual and Contact Records


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