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3 County Property Services (3CPS) is a family-owned and operated cleaning company based in Berkshire, UK, established in 2017, it has built a strong reputation for excellence and delivering high standards of work for both commercial and domestic clients.

We talk to Lucas Batista, Business Development Manager and Juna Glinska, Marketing & Client Relationship Manager, to find out how Maximizer has helped manage their activities over the last two years and continues to support their rapid growth and expansion plans.

Maximizer A Perfect Match For New Business

Lucas explains “We adopted Maximizer CRM as our technology of choice, in the early days of our business, knowing that we couldn’t continue to use a whiteboard and spreadsheets to manage our customer records and activities if we wanted to grow the business.

Maximizer offers us good value for the money, being an all-in-one solution for managing our marketing, sales and customer service activities. Adopting Maximizer has been the best decision, bringing us numerous benefits and value in CRM investment.”

Improved Business Management

Juna adds “Building trust is a very important factor in what we do, on all sides of the business – commercial, domestic or end of tenancy, where we are given responsibility to care for people’s properties. Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is therefore a priority for us.”

Maximizer provides 3CPS with a centralised solution for storing all their client information including contact details, property type, number of rooms, services required, any special request, etc. This helps them to deliver to customer expectations and maintain satisfaction levels, as one of their delighted customers explains:

“3CPS have provided us with a super team of ladies who do an excellent job each week. They are always punctual, cheerful and professional and everything is completed to a very high standard. I would thoroughly recommend this company and the service they provide.” – Diane

CRM is also being leveraged for new customer growth, as Lucas explains “In my role as Business Development Manager, I use Maximizer to manage our sales leads and enquires, follow up and qualifying activities, quotations and completion to contract. This helps me prioritise and manage our sales pipeline and focus on effectively growing the business.”

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Lucas expands “I’m also out on the road a lot of the time, so having Maximizer deployed in the cloud, means I can access our database anytime, anywhere. I can easily update records and assign tasks and know they will be actioned, improving my time management and making my day more efficient and productive.”

Maximizer Mobile App Screenshots

Team Buy In

3CPS operates with a team of 6 office staff, all fully trained on Maximizer and up and running within 1 week of deployment of the solution.

As Juna states “The basics of Maximizer were very easy to learn and understand, making adoption by the team a success. The CRM has helped them quickly establish and run as a cohesive unit, with everybody focused on delivering quality service to our clients.”

3CPS Team Photo

Resource & Logistics Management

3CPS currently operates with 14 cleaning teams in Berkshire and Oxfordshire with a pool of 40 plus standby cleaners and recruitment ongoing.

As Lucas explains “Effectively managing our resources and cleaning teams is critical to our business success, revenue and profits. We have been able to integrate Maximizer with Microsoft Outlook, Xero Accounting and our own developed bespoke logistics application, which has allowed us to be smart in allocating our cleaning team resources while ensuring we provide the services our clients require.”

Better Business Visibility

Lucas adds “Another area that Maximizer has really helped is having improved insight into our day to day business activities and performance, with easy to set up reporting and dashboards as well as output to Excel for further analysis and reporting.

We now have accurate data and insight on our performance, as and when we need it, allowing us to be proactive and address roadblocks or new opportunities quickly and effectively.”

Business Scalability

Juna concludes “We have been fortunate to experience rapid growth and have the confidence that Maximizer offers us good business scalability, functionality and easy customisation to support our future expansion plans.

We would highly recommend Maximizer to any business, especially those with ambitions to grow and need the technological backup of a CRM to better manage their teams, processes and customer interactions to achieve success.”

To learn more about how 3CPS are successful using and gaining business benefits from Maximizer CRM, please read their Case Study.

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