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Successful CRM users understand that their system acts as a central repository of customer and prospect information. When used effectively, it empowers salespeople to track and qualify incoming leads, and enables management to visualize their sales pipeline at both the company and rep levels.

But getting the best return-on-investment from your CRM ultimately depends on realizing productivity gains: salespeople – from reps to the director – need to complete tasks in as few clicks as possible.


Because in sales more than anywhere else, time is money – and salespeople don’t want to waste valuable selling time on repetitive admin work. The more barriers you remove, the happier they’ll be.

That’s why Maximizer is proud to announce the release of Maximizer Connect for Excel Quotes.

Customers using Maximizer CRM Live or running the latest build of Maximizer (2017 R2) can now create and modify quotes directly out of Maximizer via the new quotes tab.

“Companies can now define the price of goods and services across a range of constantly changing variables—all within Maximizer,” said Jan Carter, head of product and development. “By quickly generating custom quotes, you get from opportunity to cash faster.”

Adding a quote to a contact record is now incredibly simple: open the interactive Excel quote document within Maximizer and populate it with company, contact and product information. Step-by-step instructions with drop-down and add-in menus guide you through to completion. Then click once to upload your finalized quote back into the contact record in Maximizer.

Maximizer also adds the total dollar amount in your saved quote to revenue in the opportunities module so you can run decisive forecasts based on accurate and up-to-date information.

Feature Highlights

  • Create and modify quotes as Excel files
  • Save and customize quote templates
  • Click to attach quotes to records
  • Send quotes directly from Maximizer to clients
  • Add the total dollar amount in saved quotes to your revenue in the opportunities module


Maximizer Connect for use with Excel quotes is available for the latest version, Maximizer CRM 2017 R2, and is compatible with desktop versions of Microsoft Excel 2013 or 2016. On-premise R2 users must download and install the Excel Quoting add-in here, send this link to their IT administrator and follow the steps in the Getting Started Guide to start using the new feature soon.

For more information please call our support team at 1-866-275-1254.

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