Switching to Maximizer CRM

Migrating your client data from an existing CRM solution is a complex process that involves accurately mapping fields between the existing and Maximizer CRM databases, exporting the desired information from your current database and importing it into appropriate fields in Maximizer. Off-the-shelf data migration tools are typically too rigid to provide a smooth transition, so Maximizer has designed a conversion solution that makes it fast, easy and painless.

Switch To Maximizer CRM Data Migration Package
Our Professional Services Consultants use best practices and years of experience to ensure that your data migration and transition to Maximizer CRM goes according to plan. The data conversion process can take as little as three business days, and includes five stages:

  1. Data Mapping Workshop
  2. Data Migration
  3. Data Migration Review
  4. Client Sign Off prior to Go Live
  5. Go Live

Data migrated from your existing CRM solution to Maximizer CRM includes:

  • Accounts, Contacts, Users
  • Attachments & Events
  • Leads, Notes, Tasks

If you need additional data brought over from your current system into Maximizer CRM, we’d be happy to provide a quote for the expanded project scope.

The Switch to Maximizer CRM Data Migration Package applies to Maximizer CRM (on-premise), Maximizer CRM Live (our cloud), Maximizer CRM Wealth Manager (on-premise) and Maximizer CRM Live Wealth Manager (our cloud). In most cases, the migration process can be done remotely without the need for an on-site visit by a Professional Services Consultant.

Your Success is Our Success

To help new customers get up and running quickly with Maximizer CRM, we also provide complimentary live training webinars, unlimited customer service*, “How To” Videos, an online User Community, and much more.

For a copy of our Make the Switch Toolkit, call us at +1-800-804-6299, or email services@maximizer.com.

*for Customers with current subscriptions or Gold Maintenance Plans

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