Maximizer CRM Live North America Data Centre

Maximizer CRM Live Data Center Security

We know that the security of your data is paramount—you want to be confident that it’s protected against both external and internal threats, accessible whenever and wherever you need it, and that it belongs only to you, now and forever.

We value the trust you put in Maximizer when you allow us to manage your mission-critical customer data, so we’ve created a state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure its security and integrity. Here’s what we’re doing to keep your Address Book data safe:

Data Center Partner

Maximizer has partnered with Pivotree to host Maximizer CRM Live customer data in their Canadian Tier IV data centers.

Pivotree is an internationally-renowned managed IT services provider that collaborates with Amazon Web Services to operate data centers around the world.

Data Center Quality

To provide the highest possible reliability and availability, Maximizer CRM Live accounts are hosted in a Tier IV data center. To achieve Tier IV rating, the center must meet stringent standards for the fault-tolerance and redundancy of its power and cooling systems.

Data Center Security

Pivotree’s security processes and technologies are compliant with industry best practices to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of customer data.
Detailed information about Pivotree’s security services can be found at

Partner Certifications

Pivotree has achieved numerous industry certifications for management of their security and information technology infrastructure. They perform regular third party audits and validations of their processes and
controls. Pivotree’s many certifications include:
• AT-101 SOC-2
• ISO 27001
• PCI Compliant
• VISA PCI Certified

Data Center Connection

Your connection to Maximizer CRM Live is secured by 256-bit SSL encryption with a 4096-bit public key to ensure that all data transmitted between you and Maximizer CRM Live is well protected.
The lock icon shown in your web browser indicates that your data is securely encrypted while in transit.

Data Security

Maximizer CRM Live databases are firewall-protected and monitored around the clock by intrusion detection services to prevent unauthorized access. An anti-virus monitoring service protects against threats
from viruses and malware.

Application Security

Access to Maximizer CRM Live is password-protected to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Passwords are encrypted via SSL while in transit, and users are identified by an encrypted session ID cookie to prevent user impersonation. Regular application penetration testing is performed to identify and prevent any potential security vulnerabilities

Redundant Systems

Maximizer CRM Live uses a triple-redundant, load-balanced application layer and a redundant database layer, along with a fully redundant network infrastructure to ensure availability of the Maximizer CRM Live application even in the event of a hardware failure.

Database Backup

All Maximizer CRM Live customer databases are backed-up daily, and backups are retained for seven days, ensuring that a recent backup of your data is always available.