CRM 101 - For Beginners & CRM Unlocked: Guide to Terminology

Are you ready for the next installment?

CRM 101 - For Beginners – outlined the basics. The world of CRM is easy to get lost in, and we’re ready to guide you along the way and pass over the CRM jargon that will have you sounding like a seasoned pro.

In the second installment of CRM 101, we bring you "CRM Unlocked: Guide to Terminology," where we explore further into the CRM universe to share our insights on:

  • Marketing, workflow and sales force automation
  • Cloud vs On Premise vs Web Access
  • Mobile CRM

The first two books are ready and available for you to read. Go ahead, get lost in CRM 101! To get both of the books, just fill out the form on the right.

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