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Cherith Simmons Learning & Development LLP design, deliver and evaluate learning and development programmes for large blue-chip companies through to small charities, within the health, public and voluntary sectors.

We talk to Chris Tate, Cherith Simmons IT & Project Systems Manager, about their 15-year history with Maximizer CRM and the gains they have experienced in their business.

Enhanced Service Delivery

The Cherith Simmons team believes passionately that the right learning drives individuals’ and organisations’ performance. They focus on providing value and excellent customer service.

As Chris explains “Maximizer delivers us a multi-faceted tool, with 15 years’ worth of customer activity captured across all business functions including marketing, sales and customer service.  This allows us to deliver a high level of service to clients both new and old.

For example, requests from past students interested in additional training, finishing an incomplete course or needing a replacement certificate, can be answered and resolve very quickly and efficiently, with all the relevant information easily accessible within Maximizer.”

Increased Sales – 10x No. of Wins

Chris adds “One key area of focus for us is generating new opportunities, which we used to do through a lot of cold calling activity from lists generated in Excel spreadsheets. Maximizer CRM has completely changed and improved our workflow and communications to our prospective clients, giving us significantly expanded reach, reduced resource requirements and increased our sales pipeline.”

The Cherith Simmons team now easily generates targeted lists from the Maximizer database and sends out email marketing campaigns set up and sent via Maximizer’s integration with MailChimp, with activity automatically recorded against each contact in Maximizer and ready for follow up calls.

“Historically, we would call around 1000 people, only get to talk to about 10 and then convert just 1 contact to purchase. We now undertake a typical email campaign to 10,000 people, with between 100 -500 people interacting with the content and converting to around 10 sales.”

Better Informed Decision Making

The Cherith Simmons Senior Management Team also has access to a more detailed, accurate and holistic view of what is happening within the company.

As Chris explains “For example, one of our Maximizer Dashboard allows us to monitor how many people are interested and signing up to courses. This gives the Managers an accurate up-to-date picture at any time and helps in optimising opportunities, such as adding further dates or locations for high demand courses or perhaps taking the pragmatic decision to postpone a course if numbers are low.”

Improved Team Collaboration

Chris regularly provides one-to-one and group training sessions to ensure the team understands the importance, benefits and value of using the CRM, both for individuals and the business.

Chris sees this as key to CRM success and reflects “As we are all working to a common centralised database, we have improved team working and collaboration. Our processes and data capture are ongoing, consistent and accurate, so all team members can see what is happening with different clients at any time. This has led to improved productivity, performance and morale.”

Future Business Goals

A recent Account Review with Maximizer’s Customer Success Manager, Harriet Ansell, helped identify areas where Maximizer CRM can contribute to Cherith Simmons ongoing business growth objectives.

As Chris explains “We will be developing better use of Maximizer’s sales opportunity management features. This will give the Sales Team better visibility on these activities and help them become more focused, productive and motivated to deliver results.”

Through further development of Dashboards, they will also provide the Management Team with even wider visibility to key success metrics, key client activity, forecasting and overall business performance, all critical to making well-informed business decisions.

“I would certainly recommend other businesses consider Maximizer for their CRM.  It’s a cost-effective all-in-one solution, easily customized to anything and everything you require of a CRM.  We know from our long-standing proven experience that Maximizer delivers real benefits and value to our business now and in the future.”

Read the Full Case Study and Watch Our Video Interview With Chris.


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