The #1 Proven CRM Alternative to Salesforce!

In such a crowded vertical as CRM Software one name tends to come up more often than others…

While Salesforce CRM has been around for almost 20 years and certainly offers a decent enterprise-level solution,
what about non-enterprise businesses looking for a CRM solution that is easy to adopt and use?

Maximizer CRM is Your Simple Solution!

Maximizer has real, friendly, and caring customer support to make your decision-making and adoption as easy as possible.

Maximizer has been pioneering CRM software for over 30 years and has proven itself with over 120,000 companies and over 1 Million users worldwide.

Maximizer CRM is available as both a Cloud (on-demand) service, or as an installed on-premise solution, and was designed specifically with small to mid-sized business owners and sales teams in mind.

Our All-Inclusive Pricing provides all the tools you need to grow your business in one package – Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service – for one affordable and transparent price!

Frustration Free CRM can be a reality! Our platform is easy to adopt, easy to use, easy to customize, and seamlessly integrates with Gmail, MailChimp, Excel and many other common 3rd party tools.


Customer journey through Maximizer - screenshot.
Software Advice


Financial Services


Pipeline management and custom views keep your sales force focused.



Lead and Campaign Management, to segmentation and track your marketing

Community Forum

Customer Service

Case management and customer relationship management

Business Services


Seamlessly connect Maximizer with the apps you already use

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