Distributing superior business solutions

Maximizer CRM for wholesale, distribution, and retailers enables you to manage your customer data and develop a customer loyalty program to drive more new and repeat business through comprehensive campaign tracking. Slice and dice your customer information and purchasing habits to learn preferences, client behavior and more.

Once you’ve experienced the real-time and mobile capabilities, you can’t go back. If a customer calls with a service issue, a case is immediately opened and appropriate personnel are automatically made aware of it. Inside sales can participate in customer service cases by initiating, adding or contributing to them. Field sales can respond immediately with their smart phones.

JOSEPH CARPENTER Regulatory Affairs Manager at Dempsey

24/7 Access

Maximizer CRM is accessible anywhere, anytime via any web enabled device – providing all employees on project sites, visiting important clients or just staying in touch, access to comprehensive sales, customer service and management functions and action plans. Maximizer enhances productivity and business decision-making with accurate, real time data.

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Customer Service

Maximize satisfaction and drive repeat business with customer support and case management tools that help resolve issues quickly. Use the knowledge base to share successful solutions as well as product-specific details across your team. Ensure every interaction is resolved efficiently regardless of source by tracking case assignments and escalations.

Sales Force Performance Management

Ensure all leads are being handled in a time sensitive manner, leading to higher sales conversion and revenue. Automatically alert the right people to follow up and track the status and source of every opportunity to measure funnel and conversion rate. Keep track of individual and team performance to reinforce best practices and determine the exact sales process that drives revenue in your business. Help salespeople prioritize activities and focus efforts on proven tactics.

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Customer Account Management

Build long term customer relationships, manage unlimited accounts and personalize the way you view information. Search on any field and create one-click access to frequently needed lists of prospects and customers. Manage sales territories by setting up parameters for lead assignment and access records, retrieve maps and directions and update customer information on the move with Maximizer’s mobile capabilities.