Accelerate your potential for success…

Accelerate your potential for success

Maximizer Customer Relationship Management for sports is an agile management software solution that manages many different functions, including member and supporter needs, events, sales, hospitality and more. A single, centralized database gives teams a 360 degree view of every corporate client, member, supplier and sponsor. With the integrated sales, marketing, service and management functions, users can identify opportunities, target lists, respond quickly to issues and track all activity to increase revenue.

Maximizer has become an invaluable element….

Maximizer has become an invaluable element of our corporate client servicing strategy. The adaptability and ease of use of Maximizer CRM makes it an ideal solution for companies looking to maximize returns from their clients and ensuring they receive excellent and accurate customer servicing.

Umair Tahir, Assistant Manager of Corporate Sales, Bahrain International Circuit View This Case Study

Workflow Automation….

Workflow Automation

Improved time management by automating common tasks, queries and reports on customer interactions, and critical business processes that streamline and reduce manual work for your frontline staff.

24/7 Access…

24/7 Access

Maximizer CRM is accessible anywhere at any time via any web enabled device – providing all employees with access to comprehensive sales, customer service and management functions and action plans.

Microsoft Integration….

Microsoft Integration

Integration with Microsoft Office® and Outlook® enables you to import and export spreadsheets into Maximizer from existing databases, add SharePoint links, track and log conversations, save Word documents and add contacts from Outlook.



Maximize lead generation and content ROI by capturing data through the easy-to-use wizard driven web forms, which can be customized, branded and used for events, online surveys and more. With records being imported directly into Maximizer and automatically assigned to the right sales person, it’s easy to track the success of every marketing campaign, streamline lead management and help your sales team respond quickly.

Resources | Complimentary resources to help you understand the value of CRM…


Complimentary resources to help you understand the value of CRM



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