Acquire and retain more customers with Maximizer’s easy-to-use CRM designed specifically for small business, and at one simple price.

Automate your marketing and sales force, manage customer service, track emails, and much more — from your desktop, smartphone or tablet. Plus, easily connect with your other critical business apps.

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Get organized

Manage your contacts. Track everything from previous emails to calls. Get the tools to speed you up and grow your business.

Contact Management

Store all your contacts, notes and key documents in one place — and never waste time hunting down a communication again. Perform quick searches by company affiliation or case number while on the phone. And recall favorite searches at a click.

Create Action Plans

Automate your processes and promote best practices with re-usable task list templates. Customize an activity plan with unlimited appointments and reminders — and then apply it to any user, opportunity or service case.

Gmail and Outlook integration

Drive productivity and success by tracking all your contacts and email communications inside a single application. Have Maximizer sync with Outlook or Gmail at no added cost with our pre-built integrations.

VOIP & Telephony integration

Speed up responses with call functions embedded in Maximizer. Take, start and transfer calls from your CRM. Quickly review records related to a call. Automatically track call date, time and duration, and record call notes in a pop-up window.

Win More Deals

Manage your pipeline and perform rock-solid forecasts — while ensuring no lead slips through the cracks.

Sales Force Pipeline Management

Shorten the sales cycle with proactive management of your entire sales pipeline. Personalize each stage in moments and add as many steps as you need — and see your entire pipeline process at a glance.

Notifications & Alerts

Stay on top of important events and trigger notifications on data capture fields. Know the moment you land a big opportunity — or when an account changes territories. Never forget a birthday, anniversary or follow-up call.

Sales Forecasting

Personalize the way you consume sales information with intuitive sales force reports. Track critical metrics like probability of close. Perform weighted and unweighted forecasts, and anticipate revenues based on team, territory, channel or rep.

Lead Management

Ensure no sales opportunity goes to waste with automated lead management. Track the status and source of every lead — and route leads by specific territory or agent while the prospect is still warm.

Create Outstanding Campaigns

Inspire with personalized marketing campaigns. Identify your best leads and generate new insights to optimize your outreach.

Marketing Automation

Ensure consistent execution with automated campaign management. Track customer behavior with analytics. Flag unassigned leads and opportunities using notifications. And activate automated follow-ups on emails or events.

Web Form Builder

Put your lead capture on auto-pilot using a powerful “web-to-lead” form builder. Without any coding, you can generate an html form, embed it in a website and have new contacts automatically recorded in Maximizer CRM.

Email Marketing

Boost conversions with smarter email. Whether you want to send a promotion to a precisely targeted list or automate a multi-phase drip campaign — Maximizer does it all. Track click-through and conversion. Effortlessly manage opt-in, opt-out and unsubscribes.

MailChimp Integration

Align your contacts and get visibility into your marketing campaign statistics, including successful deliveries, opens, clicks and bounces. Sync Maximizer with MailChimp in almost no time using our pre-built integration.

Now we are able to respond rapidly because every order, every instruction and every document related to a client is stored in one spot and is readily accessible — in Maximizer CRM.

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