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Maximize automation for lead generation success…

Maximize automation for lead generation success

Maximizer CRM enables you to effectively market to customers and prospects, nurturing leads with relevant content throughout the customer lifecycle. With built-in email marketing and campaign management, it’s easy to set up, monitor and measure ROI for your choice of media. With many automated follow-ups and web-to-lead forms, Maximizer CRM goes far beyond contact management to help you drive and nurture leads that feed the sales pipeline. Plus an added feature of Maximizer is URL user defined fields that allow you to instantly connect with contacts via their social media profiles, adding more depth to your database and supporting the growth of marketing with social media.

We recognized that to continue…

We recognized that to continue to develop and grow our business we needed a central, focus point for information that would allow us to capture additional information, interrogate the database, search our contacts, segment and target our advertisers, as well as store data in a standardized format that could be accessed in real time.

Gary Hamilton, Managing Director, NI4Kids View This Case Study

Automated campaign management…

Automated campaign management

The campaign manager can perform multi-phased email campaigns that automatically nurture relationships over an extended period of time. Events like web downloads, purchases, service incidents, and more can be set as triggers for a specific email campaign or auto response.

Maximizer Connect for HubSpot…

Maximizer Connect for HubSpot

Link Maximizer to HubSpot to drastically improve your inbound marketing, increase lead quality, collect invaluable lead intelligence and harness the full strength of your sales and marketing teams.

Lead Nurturing…

Lead Nurturing

Easily deliver the right content, at the right time to keep your prospects engaged and moving through your sales process. Within the lead qualification process and across your sales funnel, you can be confident that the most effective marketing content is delivered directly to your prospects.

Email Marketing and List Management…

Email Marketing and List Management

Easily filter and extract customer data to create targeted lists, track open rates, click-through for up to five separate landing pages and manage opt-in, opt-out and unsubscribes. Schedule automated multi-phase marketing campaigns, drive traffic to purchase online or ‘buy now’ calls to action and more.

Resources – Complimentary resources to help you understand the value of CRM…


Complimentary resources to help you understand the value of CRM



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