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Maximizer CRM for Logistics Industry Professionals gives you 360 degree visibility into your business. Replace the functions of disparate systems and databases with a comprehensive customer service module that tracks and logs customer telephone conversations and packages alike. With anywhere, anytime web access, management, drivers and sales staff can view all customer records and details in real time.

We are able to report on and even pre-empt the customer buying cycle and predict trends. To the point where we could, for example, reserve shipping containers before the client has even booked. This gives them great confidence in our abilities and the service that we provide which in turn is improving the relationships we have with them.

NIC REAL IT Manager, MACS Maritime Shipping

Workflow Automation

Reduce manual work for your frontline staff and improve time management by automating common tasks, queries and reports on customer interactions and critical business processes.

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24/7 Access

Maximizer CRM  is accessible anywhere at any time via any web enabled device – providing all employees in the office and on the road with access to comprehensive sales, customer service and management functions and action plans, enhancing productivity and business decision-making with accurate, real-time data.

Microsoft Integration

Integration with Microsoft Office® and Outlook® enables you to import and export spreadsheets into Maximizer from existing databases, add SharePoint links, track and log conversations, save Word documents and add contacts from Outlook.

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