Maximizing cutting edge technology

With one customer centric view, you can share information in real-time, improve the quality and efficiency of project management with shared calendars, plus set hot-list tasks to maximize sales and customer service opportunities. Maximizer CRM systems shift the focus from siloed departments working individually to to groups working collectively to support customers.

As we approach our first six months of Maximizer use, the biggest gain is our ability to provide confident reporting with hard numbers. We’d never have been able to pull this type of information out of our project managers without it. In addition, by knowing which projects became wins in which phases and why, we now have the ability make more wins by strengthening our message to companies looking for the same type of incentive.

MANDY KIBLER Director of Administration, South Carolina Department of Commerce

Opportunity Management

Built in sales management and sales forecasting makes light work of keeping on top of sales progress and planning effective sales strategies. With effortless graphical sales reports, you can track every detail, including probability of close, and take proactive measures to ensure your sales teams hit their targets.

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Sales Process

Keep track of individual and team performance to reinforce best practices and determine the exact sales process that drives revenue in your business. Help sales people prioritize activities and focus efforts on proven tactics.

Microsoft Integration

Integration with Microsoft Office® and Outlook® enables you to import and export spreadsheets into Maximizer from existing databases, add SharePoint links, track and log conversations, save Word documents and add contacts from Outlook.

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Social Networking

Maximize your customer engagement via hyperlinks from your contacts’ social profiles, including; Facebook®, LinkedIn®, Twitter® and Google+®. Via this holistic view you can quickly connect with customers to nurture sales relationships, customer loyalty or provide training and services feedback.