Recruit and Retain Top Students

Managing student relationships and services is vital to the success of any university, college or technical institute.

Streamline Student Recruitment and Provide Superior Service

Managing relationships with prospective students and delivering superior service throughout their academic term and post-graduation is the lifeblood of higher education institutions.

Maximizer CRM for Education is designed specifically to help the learning industry enhance the way it manages prospective and current students. And, our highly flexible platform and add-on capabilities allow Maximizer to be easily tailored to meet your specific needs.

Designed For Your Role

Universities, colleges and other schools have a diverse range of CRM users with varying needs and processes. Here’s how we can help you based on your role:

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Student Recruitment

Student Lifecycle Management from new recruit to graduate is made simple with marketing automation that nurtures contacts throughout their lifecycle. Track and manage campus tours for prospective students, international recruitment activities and more to reach your Undergraduate admission targets.

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Student Accommodation Management

Get one complete view of all residence halls, landlord contact details and ratings, all all communications with Outlook® tracking and synchronization. Receive alerts on accommodation service cases and log resolved issues against individual records.

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Disability Service Management

Meet the needs of disabled groups by recording all services required, activity details and related documents, and respond to enquiries by creating drag and drop alerts. Sensitive student data is protected via comprehensive security features.

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Assessment Service Management

Securely store and protect exam papers and results with customizable security permissions. Gain insight into examination attendance and results via real-time dashboards, and receive emergency alerts such as invigilator absences and resolve them quickly via mobile access.

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Employability and Placement Management

An efficient way to track student data coming through the website, with fields populated automatically from a web-to-lead form. Stay on top of internship and co-op placements, and easily manage career support meetings. Build reports showing number of students recruited by month/year/sector/subject and more.

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Connect With Alumni, Donors & Affiliates

Gain greater insight into key donors, alumni and affiliate groups by tracking their behaviour. Reduce workloads and gain mindshare by scheduling activities, emails, alerts to nurture key donors and affiliates. Track successful campaign strategies via customizable real-time dashboards and in-depth reporting tools.