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Providing Business Services…

Providing Business Services with Business Tools

Maximizer CRM for construction companies allows you to manage relationships between architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers effortlessly, save time and improve the customer experience. Maximizer Mobile allows your staff to instantly update files and stay in contact with the head office whilst out estimating. Automation of processes and the ability to track all building projects in one place revs up productivity.

Having implemented Maximizer…

Having implemented Maximizer, our company saves at least 250 hours per year

Marco Karman, Managing Director, Ecoratio View This Case Study

Quota management…

Quota management

Ideal for project managers and sales teams, whether they’re supplying building materials, engineering, contracting or architecture. At a glance reports and visual dashboards help keep sales teams motivated, focused and accountable.

24/7 Access…

24/7 Access

Maximizer CRM is accessible anywhere, anytime via any web enabled device – providing all employees on project sites, visiting important clients or just staying in touch, access to comprehensive sales, customer service and management functions and action plans. Maximizer enhances productivity and business decision-making with accurate, real time data.

Workflow Automation…

Workflow Automation

While the competition struggles with manual processes, queries and reports on customer interactions, you can gain a competitive advantage by automating critical business processes. Workflow automation can manage administrative and set-up tasks automatically, reduce errors and prevent tasks from falling through the cracks.

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