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Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Who is the ideal user of Maximizer?

Like most CRM offerings, Maximizer enables sales professionals and leaders to get a complete view of the customer lifecycle from lead to opportunity, all the way through renewal and retention. Maximizer, however, does so with two very specific people in mind. The first is the “frustrated SME Sales Leader” responsible for the collective efforts of a sales team who may or may not be following the provided coaching in pursuing new customers. The second is the “anxious SME Renewals Manager” responsible for repeat, recurring or contractually renewing revenue, who is worried over the likelihood of customers continuing to do business with them while simultaneously unarmed with the analysis as to where to focus or what to do. Our product roadmap, development vision, partnerships, and software features all reflect our commitment to these Sales Leaders.

Technically, we excel at supporting teams of around 5 users and service many in the several 100’s. Maximizer provides essential functionality to manage contacts and the sales pipeline with our Base edition. However, larger teams will benefit from the activity tracking, monitoring tools, and visualization data that are available in our Sales Leader Edition. Based on extensive experience within the financial markets, we also have pre-configured solutions available for financial and insurance advisors.

What is your pricing model?

Maximizer is a per-user subscription model with annual billing plans. We offer two editions plus two pre-configured versions for Financial and Insurance Advisors.

How is Maximizer delivered?

Maximizer is available on both private and public cloud platforms. We typically recommend the full public cloud offering where we host, manage, and update the platform on an ongoing basis. No additional IT resources are typically required. 

Private cloud is available in special circumstances where you need full control for regulatory or business reasons.

Maximizer offers a complimentary mobile application for iOS and Android, so you access your CRM data while on the go.

What vertical industries does Maximizer support?

Maximizer is a CRM that can support virtually any industry where a company needs to build, maintain, and optimize relationships with a customer. With a focus on B2B SMEs, our product is delivered as a fully featured out-of-the-box solution with the flexibility to customize certain configurations without the need for expensive or lengthy IT support. Our overarching principle is to help standardize the sales process, manage team activity and improve deal velocity; something seemingly trivial yet incredibly powerful for the frustrated sales leader and anxious renewal manager. We have worked closely with thousands of sales-focused companies over the past 35 years to understand the typical business and technical requirements to provide the best solution and recommend the best integrations to increase business productivity and drive revenue. We also have an open API to allow for customized 3rd party integrations that can enable SMEs to build a tech stack that makes sense for their business. 

What support do I get?

Our 100% in-house customer experience team offers complimentary email and live chat support during normal business hours with an average response time under 2 minutes and an overall customer satisfaction score (CSAT) of 94% – leaving you well supported from implementation to onboarding and beyond. We also offer a variety of online tools and video tutorials for how-to questions and technical issues.

Our professional services team can help customize and maintain your deployment to fit your unique business needs, data structures, user defined fields, workflow, and reporting and dashboard requirements.

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