How Can We Become
Customer Centric?

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Learn how to build an organization focused around customers.

Your sales reps have a deep understanding of each customer’s needs, but other teams such as marketing and customer service, need insight too. To implement a successful relationship building model with a strong emphasis on customer service, it’s crucial to leverage a CRM solution that gives every team full transparency into client relationships and requirements.

eXception puts customer communication at the heart of our operations, working in partnerships to gain a deep understanding of customers’ businesses.” The group puts tremendous effort into this approach and wanted to extend its ‘knowing the customer’ culture, shifting from a transactional to relationship model.

eXception See how eXception VAR solved their challenge

Features & Benefits


The Maximizer CRM dashboards are easy to use and can be customized to meet your needs. Many employees use dashboards as a personal productivity tool to plan their day and tasks. They provide greater customer insight, capturing all profile details, service history and communication, which in turn enables staff to provide a superior customer experience.

Outlook integration

Seamless Microsoft Outlook® integration allows staff to send and receive emails right from within Maximizer, while storing important messages directly to clients’ records. This saves time spent manually update records each day to stay up-to-date, leaving employees more time to focus on building strong customer relationships.  

Calendar management

The diary and calendar functions in Maximizer CRM helps staff stay on top of managing client relationships. Setting up future customer service call reminders helps nurture relationships and increases overall customer satisfaction. The better the relationship, the greater the likelihood you’ll retain business, and identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


Pre-built reports save hours of pulling weekly updates on business performance. Reports can be automated and are accessible from anywhere in real time. Key metrics, such as order conversion, quote turnaround times, visits and revenue targets, keep track of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and help you take early corrective action when required.

Workflow automation

Automation of workflow, such as quotes production, reporting, marketing campaigns and customer service cases reduces reliance on spreadsheets to track day to day activities.

Marketing module

Companies use the Maximizer CRM Marketing module as a platform for permission-based marketing campaigns that nurture relationships and keep clients in the know. Emails can be personalized to increase success and engagement levels.

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