How Can I Retain
More Customers?

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Find out how to retain customers through exceptional customer service and relationship management.

Many companies don’t understand the value in their existing customers, or know how to implement a successful retention strategy. Acquiring new customers is much more expensive than retaining existing ones, so there’s financial value in leveraging a CRM solution that includes customer service, along with sales and marketing tools.

Maximizer has significantly increased the volume of my business, not only in terms of referrals, but also repeat business. I now see more of my past clients coming back to me because they really appreciated the personalised service I was able to provide.

Prudential United Realty Jesani

Features & Benefits

Contact Management

Ae your company begins to grow, you may find it challenging to provide loyal clients with the personalized service they have come to expect. CRM software helps you easily manage large numbers of accounts and personalize the way you use information to generate referrals as well as repeat business.

Maximizer Mobile

24/7 access to client data no matter where you are translates into faster response times when issues arise, and proactive customer service. Keeping customers happy and engaged reduces the likelihood of them jumping to your competitors.


It’s baffling that some companies still rely on traditional methods of communication, storing crucial client data on a notepad or in their head. If that sounds like you, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Maximizer hotlists can set reminders for renewals, daily and monthly tasks and follow up calls further down the pipeline to ensure you’re doing everything possible to retain clients.

Outlook integration

Maximizer synchronizes seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook® so you never have to worry about communication getting lost in the email ether. Synchronization saves employees hours of admin downtime duplicating records or searching in a magnitude of places to find a file. Having all client data, including when and how to follow up, in one spot aids with customer retention.  

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