How Can I Reduce
Case Resolution Time?

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See how access to all customer data reduces case resolution time and increases customer satisfaction.

Find yourself wasting valuable time searching for a specific document or email? You’re frustrated, and so are clients waiting for their issue to be resolved. Read on to find out how companies overcome these shortcomings with Maximizer CRM.

Prior to Maximizer, customer service could spend 3 to 4 days just trying to find information in various databases and folders. With Maximizer, response times range from immediate to just a few hours.

Mayfield See how Mayfield solved their challenge

Features & Benefits

Maximizer Mobile

With the right information at hand 24/7, you increase your team’s ability to resolve issues on the spot, and exceed customer expectations. Even when issues can’t be resolved immediately, field sales reps can enter cases while on the road, and have relevant information immediately made available to in-office team member ready to address the problem.

Customer Service Module

Customer service representatives can document every client interaction within a single location shared with other team members. Rather than wasting time searching for bits and pieces of information in various databases and folders, everyone on the team has visibility into the client’s current status, reducing response times significantly.

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