How Can I Leverage
Marketing Automation?

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Learn how to increase your Return On Investment (ROI), while lowering costs via marketing automation tools.

As your client base grows, it becomes harder to maintain regular customer contact and run marketing campaigns with limited resources. Maximizer’s marketing automation functionality makes it easy to stay in constant contact and uncover more opportunities for your Sales team.

RDS Delivery

“A company can save on resources by breaking down their marketing effort into automated steps,” said Larry Zogby, President of RDS Delivery. Zogby estimates that using Maximizer CRM to run automated marketing campaigns rather than hiring additional marketing assistants saves them 70% on human resources costs annually.

LARRY ZOGBYPresident, RDS Delivery

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Marketing Automation

Maximizer CRM allows you to automate your email marketing campaigns to nurture prospects with personalized and relevant information that helps convert them into customers. Campaign success can be measured based on lead conversions and return on investment. This efficient automated process allows your Marketing team to focus on other high impact initiatives.


Maximizer CRM contains all the data needed to predict future sales using easy to build, visual forecast representations. Forecasts can be used to anticipate fluctuating and seasonal markets trends and allow you to reallocate resources where needed, like adding a new marketing campaign to help generate additional revenue during off peak periods.


Maximizer CRM delivers accurate reporting and insight through visual dashboards that drives real time, informed decisions. Reporting metrics provide insight into the success of your marketing and sales campaigns, so you can adapt programs quickly when necessary.

Email Integration

Maximizer integrates seamlessly with Outlook®, so all emails, calendar appointments and CRM contact information is accessible in one place in real time. This greatly increases the productivity of your sales and marketing teams and keeps them aligned around client communication.

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