How can I increase
Customer Retention?

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Start retaining more customers by nurturing relationships and delivering exceptional customer service

It costs much more to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one, but many companies don’t understand the importance of keeping existing clients happy, or how to implement a successful retention strategy. An all‐in‐one CRM solution that includes customer service functionality along with sales and marketing tools, makes customer retention decisively easier.

Langara Fishing Adventures

Using the system has helped us secure more than 70% of our clients for a return visit, a full year in advance. This return business is a critical source of revenue.

SCOTT MEHLENBACHERChief Financial Officer, Langara Fishing Adventures

Customer Service Tools

Maximizer’s customer service functionality helps you manage client relationships and reward those who’ve been loyal to you by offering them targeted promotional incentives. You can also centrally capture all correspondence and customer feedback in one location that’s accessible by all customer facing teams, so if issues do arise, you can respond in real‐time before it’s too late.

Email Integration

Maximizer CRM integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook® allowing you to store all email communication within your client’s account record. Your sales team has full visibility into previous client communication, allowing them to better manage customer expectations and deliver the high level of service crucial to retention success. Plus, important information isn’t lost over time as your sales team evolves.


Maximizer CRM reporting gives you visibility into how profitable your customers are over an extended period of time. Knowing the Customers Lifetime Value for each of your clients allows you to target your sales and marketing efforts and approach to customer retention, to ensure you focus more resources on the profitable ones.

Contact Management

It’s impossible to track and record all contact information manually via traditional communication methods like diary entries and scribbled notes. To stay on top of business opportunities and retain profitable customers, it’s imperative to implement a CRM solution that helps you track all customer interactions and reminds you when it’s time to follow‐up. Maximizer allows you to target client segments simultaneously, nurture those relationship and maintain regular communication to keep you relevant and top of mind.

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