How Can I Improve
Employee Productivity?

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Learn how companies enhance productivity using Maximizer CRM.

As companies expand, there’s a natural turnover of personnel. When this happens, crucial client information often gets lost, resulting in lost sales potential. CRM software increases sales productivity by standardizing and automating processes, reducing administrative work and duplication.

I believe that since implementing Maximizer CRM, our efficiency has more than doubled. It’s definitely made a difference to our bottom line.

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Features & Benefits

Maximizer Mobile

Arm sales with up-to-date details before a meeting and give them an easy-to-use platform for capturing new information while they’re on the road via CRM-enabled mobile devices.

Customer Service Module

Case management tools drive faster response times and track the progress and status of customer queries and issues as they arise. Help your customer service team resolve cases on the spot for increased productivity.

Diary and Appointments

Recording all client communication in one place eliminates time wasted searching for information and increases productivity. Plus, team members can leverage lessons learned by colleagues and apply relevant solutions to similar customer situations.


Automate manual reporting so you can focus on high-value projects. Pre-built sales dashboards measure productivity, analyze projects and sales figures, while quota management reports show how all aspects of the business are performing against goals. Customize ready-made reports to support specific short and long term decision-making.

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