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Welcome to the first in our series of features to introduce the passionate people within Maximizer that bring you great customer experience and help you deliver successful CRM to grow your business with confidence. And where better to start than with our Customer Success Team, EMEA Region.

Meet Harriet Ansell!  Our Customer Success Manager, who has been with us for almost 7 years. But what’s important to Harriet? Where did she start out? And where does she hope to be in the next few years?


Harriet, can you tell us about your role at Maximizer?

I’m involved in all things customer success related here at Maximizer, based in the EMEA office in Bracknell, UK. I on-board new clients and help them out on their journey to CRM mastery through on-going value review calls. I work with both our Direct and Business Partner customers, helping them identify and resolve any roadblocks or assist in continual improvement to ensure Maximizer CRM keeps delivering value for their evolving growing businesses.


What gets you leaping out of bed in the morning and excited about your job?

I love managing my own tasks, strategies and plans for Customer Success. It really motivates me to ensure that we’re helping our customers grow their business using our solution. I love speaking to lots of interesting people, from different countries and industries who are passionate about the work they do.


What would your colleagues say is your greatest strength?

Being positive would definitely be number one. Conscientousness and level-headedness would also describe me.


What one piece of advice would you like to have shared with your younger self to be successful in your business or personal life?

To take your time, and see the positivity in everything. Never compare yourself to others, everybody is managing their own journey.


What does success mean to you?

For me, being successful is based on the relationships and interaction I have with others and the values I live by; these qualities give me happiness, which I believe is the ultimate success.


Where did you start out and how has your career progressed? Has it gone the way you planned?

I started here almost 7 years ago! My first role was as a sales administrator, I then quickly progressed in to channel manager, also did some direct selling, and now I’m Customer Success Manager. I’ve been very lucky to take on new roles at the company particularly with CS that seems to fit my personality very well.


What inspires you?

My family are a massive inspiration to me. I also love hearing about health and well-being success stories and sporting achievements, I find them very motivational. I find travelling such a massive buzz too, I love enjoying different cultures and epic scenery.


What aggravates you?

Those who have a general negative attitude and those who find competitiveness in everything – for me, life isn’t a competition, we should all enjoy going at our own pace.


What is the best thing about working at Maximizer?

It’s a hugely understandable company when it comes to work/life balance. They’re also great at looking at an individual’s personal strengths and nurturing that. I’m encouraged to come up with my own strategies and ideas, which is fantastic.


Name your favourite Maxizmier CRM feature/function and why?

The customer service module is fantastic at helping me in my role- it helps me keep a close eye on managing the process of on boarding new customers.


You have a surprise day off from work where would you go and what would you do?

I love the beach! I’d maybe do some bodyboarding then relax and bathe in the sun afterwards.


Name a film/tv show/book/song that you love and repeatedly return to and why?

I always seem to return to books on health and well-being as I’m passionate about this – The Oprah Winfrey book ‘What I Know For Sure’ was so inspiring and I can really relate to it.


What goals do you have for the next 3-5 years?

Wow that’s a big question! I’m getting married next year, so a major focus right now is on planning our wedding! I also plan to continue learning more about my passion in health and well-being.