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Customer-centric businesses work tirelessly to avoid interactions that leave their clients feeling neglected. That’s why businesses demand the service excellence enabled by shared intelligence on their customers.

With our pre-built connections, we bring together your information at a tiny fraction of the usual cost. This month we’re proud to announce further connections with your accounting solutions.

Alongside QuickBooks, expect two more rock star accounting programs to pop up in your App Directory. A QuoteWorks connection is due within a month, followed shortly by a connection with Xero.
Now with access to contact payment history inside Maximizer – and the power to email PDF invoices and estimates in a couple clicks — any person on your staff can respond effectively when a customer asks about the status of a payment.

This creates the conditions for “first call resolution”: that is, where questions are answered seamlessly regardless of who is on the phone. Customers hang up feeling validated and impressed by your professionalism, while you can feel great about your decisive response — for a win-win all round.

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