Know the reason behind your results with sales reports you can generate in seconds and start using right away. Track and test every sales process, and drill into the details to answer the questions that matter. See what you can do right now to actually improve and close deals more effectively.

See your performance in real time

Get up-to-date snapshots of sales performance without ever contacting an administrator. Quickly populate standardized opportunity, pipeline and month end reports. Instantly identify sales leaders and those who may need coaching.

Track every sales milestone

See if you’re on course to hit your monthly target, with incomplete goals automatically carried over into the next period. Plus get notified the moment your team hits quota using alarms triggered when an indicator passes a critical threshold.

Get drill-down reports in seconds

Match your reporting to your sales processes using highly customizable Excel report templates. Set up a re-useable template once with any number of hand-picked KPIs — and target your analysis by applying saved searches and filters.

Access reports on the fly

Make managing important accounts and reports on the fly as easy as pie with Maximizer’s feature rich mobile app. Quickly review KPIs, schedule meetings and prepare for appointments and more — in the palm of your hand.

The sales funnel analysis available within Maximizer is an invaluable asset. The ability to search with a huge amount of parameters and to find out how to get things to work better is a core function of Maximizer that really contributes to our productivity.

DARAGH LITTLE Managing Director, Forest Enterprises