Using the Hubspot Integration for Maximizer, you can track all the Hubspot qualified leads right in Maximizer. See all the info related to contact’s Conversion history, Email Marketing status, Social Media activity and much more right inside Maximizer. Never waste time moving your leads over to Maximizer. Quickly view all the qualified lead and reach out to them using Maximizer.

Track Leads

Sales team can now track all the Hubspot qualified leads right in Maximizer using this integration. All the leads above a certain lead score in Hubspot will be synced or added to Maximizer.

Lifecycle Stage of Contact

Using this integration users can view the Hubspot Lifecycle stage of the contact right in Maximizer and change it based on where the contact is in Maximizer opportunity stage.

More Fields

View 46 other Hubspot fields apart from the Lifecycle stage right inside Maximizer. These fields provide info on customer’s Social media activity, Email Marketing and Conversion information.