Gmail & CRM Integration

Keep every contact and record perfectly aligned with seamless Gmail integration. Track Gmail emails by contact or thread. Automatically store correspondence and file attachments to an Address Book contact for quick recall.

Keep Gmail contacts up to date

Update Gmail contacts in real time — and save time — with our smart one-way sync. Flag Address Book contacts for export and have email address, phone number and other details automatically carried over.

Track emails by contact or thread

Easily track customer and prospect interactions without switching apps. Track Gmail emails by contact or thread, and have correspondence automatically stored in Maximizer for quick recall.

Shorten response times

Trigger an email to a contact at a click and quickly compose your message — right from Maximizer. Leverage professional signatures and Word templates that speed you up. Easily merge in contact details.

Quickly find communications

Create a complete, searchable record of important correspondence. Automatically store emails and email attachments to an Address Book contact — and retrieve exactly what you need in seconds.

The ability to log calls, emails, and other client communications within the system is truly beneficial to our organization.

DENISE BACHMEIERCRM Specialist, SAIT Polytechnic

Get organized, improve visibility, and grow sales


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