Get Up and Running Quickly With Maximizer

Quickly and easily configure to fit your processes. Leverage personalized assistance to get your team up and running on Maximizer, from ensuring all your users can log in, to more advanced configuration, we are here to help.

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Customer Success Orientation

Our Customer Success team will provide an orientation session on the features which are most important to your organization, to ensure that your users are positioned to get value from Maximizer quickly and efficiently. We will also be in touch on a regular basis to ensure Maximizer continues to meet your success criteria.

Educational Materials

Every subscription includes unlimited access to the Maximizer Help Centre, Customer Community, and an entensive collection of datasheets, videos and training materials to provide you with the most value from your CRM investment.

Complimentary Training

All Maximizer customers have access to our weekly product training webinars where our Instructors will teach your staff how to get the most our of Maximizer’s extensive features.

Live Customer Support

Every subscription includes access to our Live CRM Experts who are ready and able to answer a variety of how-to and general usage questions, as well as provide technical support.

Implementation & Upgrade Services

Get everything installed as quickly and efficiently as possible, and ensure your software is configured properly from the start. Plus, receive personalized assistance every time you need to upgrade to a new version or add on more users.

Software Advice

We had the database built, users logged in, and initial training sessions completed within the first week.

MARK HEATON IT Manager, South Carolina Department of Commerce