Get richer insights into your data faster with automated reporting and interactive report templates. Generate accurate, detailed and up-to-date reports in a fraction of the time. Plus, freely move your data into and out of file formats you’re comfortable working with.

Build & save a report in minutes

Shrink your data mountain to a molehill with wide-ranging search criteria and filters built for sales, marketing, service and support. Save favorite searches and integrate them into dashboards and reports.

Export data directly into your Excel templates

Effortlessly shift CRM data into a file format you’re comfortable with. Export to Excel at a click for reports, quoting, record-keeping and sharing. Block unauthorized extractions with role-based security privileges.

Data you can have confidence in

Dirty data is a real headache for forecasting and reports — forcing you to check entries by hand. Thankfully, Maximizer simplifies data management. Check for duplicate entries at a click and specify mandatory fields, for accurate reports every time.

Limit who can see what

Match your user privileges to your business hierarchy. Control who can view and edit individual data capture fields. Limit access to accounts, contacts, modules and features. Create unlimited security roles and assign them to as many new users as you want.

Sales reports

Dig deeper into your sales data with interactive Excel reports. Choose from our built-in library of popular report templates or upload your own, and populate it with your favorite data points at a click.

Sales forecasting

Personalize the way you consume sales information. Track every important detail including probability of close. Perform weighted and unweighted forecasts, and anticipate revenues based on team, territory, channel or rep.

I have always wanted a system that I could report about the whole business from. Since I have used Maximizer, it was nothing but a matter of a few clicks.

MR BADER NASSER Sales Manager, Bahrain International Circuit