Get connected with your QuickBooks — for a clear view of each customer’s payment history right inside Maximizer. See the highlights of what customers have paid and when. Never waste time searching for an invoice again. Quickly call up detailed invoices and estimates, and send them to your customers in seconds.

See payment history at a glance

Get every important detail about a contact’s payment history inside your Address Book, view-able at a glance — including outstanding balance, invoice status, invoice due date and more.

Quickly get payment details

Retrieve invoices and estimates without searching your entire database. Quickly pull up PDF copies of invoices related to a contact at a click. Create email attachments and print-outs in seconds.

The integration into our job-costing package has just made it so much easier and so much less time consuming to track all our paperwork. It’s an integral part of business.

STEPHEN PINKNEY Managing Director, CCI Technology Solutions