Avoid “garbage in, garbage out”. Get data you can trust, for reliable dashboards and reports — every time, using Maximizer’s powerful data management tools. Easily update and centralize your customer information. Generate new insights and deliver effective service across every touch point.

Centralize your customer information

Import data from spreadsheets and other systems, and ensure data accuracy and consistency from the start. Use Maximizer’s import log and automated duplicate check to speed through entry verification. Save field mappings to simplify repeat imports.

Export to Excel

Quickly export your customer data into an Excel file for backup and sharing, or to apply spreadsheet functions. Control your user export privileges to keep your customer information safe.

Standardize your data entry

Have your team enter data correctly the first time and make your forms as simple or as complex as you need. Embed a business rule by personalizing data capture fields. Create mandatory fields and apply conditional validation.

Convert currencies and calculate values

Apply logical functions like those in Excel to any field. Automatically calculate age from a birthday or an expiration date from a date range. Use the currency converter to have your dashboards and reports reflect values in a currency of your choice.

Get multi-level security

Match your user privileges to your business hierarchy. Control who can view and edit individual data capture fields. Limit access to records, modules and features. Create unlimited security roles and assign them to as many users as you want.

We needed to create system fields in which we could store and organize such a wide-variety of information and documents. Every single one of these fields is searchable and allows us to quickly prepare reports.

DR. CHERIE THIBODEAU Founder, Drug Research America LLC