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Bring your data together, quickly and easily, and put sales, marketing, service and support on the same page, without having to rely on IT. Import multiple entry types in one go and speed through verification. Sync with your email to automatically bring contacts and correspondence across. And export contacts to Excel at a click for easy sharing and backup.

Eliminate manual data entry | Export to Excel

Eliminate manual data entry

Import data in a fraction of the time. Save your field mappings to simplify repeat imports. Speed through entry verification with an import log and automated duplicate check — and ensure data accuracy and consistency from the start.

Export to Excel

Easily export your customer data into an Excel file for backup and sharing, or to apply spreadsheet functions. Control your user export privileges to keep your customer information safe.

Import multiple entry types at once | Outlook integration

Import multiple entry types at once

Bring in files with multiple entry types and have Maximizer sort them out. Import files with contacts, opportunities, individuals and companies in one go — from any spreadsheet.

Outlook integration

Drive productivity and success by tracking all your communications inside a single application. Sync with Outlook using our pre-built integration and automatically bring your contacts, correspondence and calendars across.

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The system is also handy for promoting collaboration amongst physicians – many now also use Maximizer so that they can instantly import their patient’s information into our database and assist them in participating in clinical trials that might benefit them.

DR. CHERIE THIBODEAU Founder, Drug Research America LLC

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