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See what’s going on in each of your departments …

See what’s going on in each of your departments at a glance with Maximizer’s shareable, mobile-friendly dashboards. View lead and campaign metrics in a single window — or get snapshots of outstanding service cases while on the fly. Select key indicators and view and manage them while on the fly.

Build dashboards without help from IT…

Build dashboards without help from IT

Personalize your display with a user-friendly dashboard wizard. Hand-pick indicators and apply them to saved searches of contacts, opportunities and more — and change indicator size and appearance.

Sales dashboards

See all your important sales indicators in a single place. Check progress towards your goals. Compare won and lost opportunities at a glance. Quickly identify your top performers according to their sales success, call frequency and call duration.

Customer service dashboards…

Customer service dashboards

Get snapshots of your service responsiveness. Quickly survey ticket resolution times, outstanding cases, and customer success across teams, agents and departments — and optimize your operation for high efficiency.

Marketing campaign dashboards

Gain a deeper understanding of your prospects and campaign performance, and improve your segmentation. Compare email open and conversion rates. Show customer profiles by industry, geography, revenue and more.

Business dashboards…

Business dashboards

Achieve a single view of your performance across your business. Choose indicators from marketing analytics, service case reports, sales trends and customer profiles. Quickly generate graphs and charts to share at meetings.

Accessible from any device

Equip each agent with complete access to their customer information wherever they go. Manage dashboards from the palm of your hand — along with your calendars and appointments — using Maximizer’s feature-rich mobile app.

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We have also dramatically…

We have also dramatically reduced the need to produce or use spreadsheets as all information is now reported on one user-friendly dashboard.

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