Flexible & Customizable Crm Software

Improve your business’s agility….

Improve your business’s agility with customization at every level. Configure Maximizer’s automated workflows to your processes while having each user streamline their view to just what they need to see. Call in our in-house professional service team for deeper customizations delivered on time and on budget at cost-effective rates.

Completely customize your CRM…

Completely customize your CRM

Match Maximizer to your exact business processes while empowering each user to personalize their experience for maximum efficiency.

Mapped to your existing processes…

Mapped to your existing processes

Quickly and painlessly duplicate your processes by customizing automated workflows to your process stages. Whether you’re an enterprise, school, NGO or charity, Maximizer will adapt to your way of doing business.

Unlimited possibilities

Maximizer never caps what you can do or forces you to pay extra. Build unlimited custom fields, Word and Excel templates, action plans and more — and make Maximizer as complex or as simple as you need.

Personalize the user interface…

Personalize the user interface

Empower users to eliminate tab and menu clutter bogging down their productivity. Hide address book tabs and data fields, modules and more without needing admin privileges or IT.

In-house custom development services

Get in-depth customization from someone you can trust. Our experienced in-house development team removes the need to hire expensive third party consultants.

Maximizer API…

Maximizer API

Tap into our cloud or on-premise API. Build new features, interact with data or connect with thousands of possible apps. Seek inspiration on our developer portal complete with all the latest tools, documentation, developer discussion and sample projects.

Very, very easy to customize…

Very, very easy to customize. The ability to customize software yourself is so important in a small or medium business without a big IT department. You simply decide what you want to do with the software and do it yourself.


All-Inclusive CRM Software. One Simple Price.


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