Make data-driven decisions and improve responsiveness with Maximizer’s shareable dashboards and reports. Personalize dashboards with hand-picked indicators. Generate dashboard drill-down reports in seconds from a library of pre-built report templates. Share critical insights with dashboard views embedded in emails and presentations.

Make better decisions

Derive data-driven insights and make better decisions with all your customer information accessible to analytics. Align marketing and sales to shorten the sales cycle. Improve service delivery. Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Dashboard drilldowns

Click once and get an underlying report of dashboard indicators for further analysis. Data is automatically exported to Excel and organized in a separate tab. Apply spreadsheet functions and see your information from multiple new angles.

Take action

Respond decisively to what the data says with re-usable action plan templates and dashboard alarms. Trigger an alert when an indicator passes a certain mark — and apply automated task lists & reminders to a user, contact, service case or opportunity at a click.

Collaborate around data & insights

Educate your team and circulate insights across your organization with dashboards you can share. Click to generate an image of your dashboard view. Send it by email right from Maximizer — or embed it in a presentation.

As our employees have gained confidence in using the system, it’s become an invaluable analysis tool that provides key business intelligence. We can analyse the heck out of our data!

DARAGH LITTLE Managing Director, Forest Enterprises