For Maximizer CRM Live that is deployed in our cloud, the monthly fair usage limit for outgoing emails is 30,000 emails per organization. When deployed in your cloud, our software does not have any outgoing email limits, and would be dependent on your specific SMTP server.

For Maximizer CRM Live that is deployed in our cloud, 75GB of combined database and document storage is included. When deployed in your cloud, our software does not have any storage limits, and would be dependent on your specific cloud configuration.

Maximizer and our network of global business partners will work with you to extend the value of your Maximizer CRM solution to meet the needs of your company, including implementation, integration, customization and more.

Yes, you can change field names, add new user defined fields and set up business processes that match the unique needs of your organization.

Yes. Adoption of new software is challenging at the best of times, and research shows that employees who are well trained spend more time using it for a greater business return. Maximizer and our worldwide network of partners provide a variety of training options

Our 15 day free trial allows you to test drive our latest Maximizer CRM release, including all features and modules. No credit card payment is required and you can convert to a paid subscription at any time during the trial.

To get started with Maximizer CRM, you can start a free trial  and convert it to a paid subscription, or talk to one of our Solution Specialists about licensing for an on-premise installation.

Yes. Your valuable customer data belongs only to you and can be exported from Our Cloud at any time. If you are using a third party cloud provider, we strongly advise that you confirm your software and data ownership terms directly with your chosen provider.

It depends on the needs of your organization. If you have minimal IT bandwidth, leveraging Maximizer’s cloud makes life simple, with fast deployment and no server/software maintenance or upgrade worries, because it’s all taken care of for you. On-premise installation allows you to extensively customize the solution to match your needs, but this option typically requires your own data security management, ongoing maintenance and makes upgrades to new releases more difficult.

Maximizer CRM can be deployed in Our Cloud or Your Cloud. Choose Our Cloud and your data is hosted in one of our highly secure data centers in either Canada or the UK. Both data centers meet stringent standards for fault-tolerance and redundancy of power and cooling systems. Host Maximizer CRM on-premise in Your Cloud, and your data is stored on your own internal servers. Alternatively, you can host Maximizer CRM with a third party of your choosing or a Maximizer Certified Solution Partner.