Access to your account will be withdrawn upon subscription expiry. All and any data held within your database will be deleted 30 days after the Subscription Expiry Date. You may request a copy of your data during this 30 day period which will be made available for download as a .BAK file. You can find more information in our Subscription Agreement.

Most definitely! Please contact your Renewal team.

Please see our pricing page for details.

Absolutely! Please contact our Sales Team.

Please see our pricing page for details.

Maximizer accepts payment via Visa or Mastercard, cheque or wire transfer. Please let us know if you require bank details to send payment to us. To pay via Credit Card in North America, please call our Finance Team on 604 601 8051. Please have your invoice number available.

Currently Maximizer does not offer monthly billing. All Subscriptions are payable in full in advance.