All upgrade requests are fulfilled with Enterprise Edition, with shipping commencing from November 1st, 2017.

You’ll gain access to enterprise-level features, including territory management and advanced security settings, plus the ability to scale up as you grow. Additionally, you’ll get cutting edge connectivity, with Maximizer CRM 2018’s new App Directory, Import and Global Edit tools helping you bring together people, systems and data, and generate collective intelligence on customer behavior.

No, your data will remain unchanged. You will use the product the same way as before.

The installation process is similar to the process for installing Group Edition. Details are provided in the upgrade package.

Subscription customers can request an upgrade to Maximizer CRM 2018 from our website. We’ll send you your licenses for Enterprise Edition plus installation instructions. Your price will stay exactly the same!

Perpetual customers with a maintenance agreement can request a complimentary upgrade from our website and we’ll send you your licenses for Enterprise Edition, plus installation instructions. Your pricing will change at your next renewal to reflect the Maintenance cost per license per year for our Enterprise Edition, subject to our usual minimum payment threshold.

With all the exciting new features introduced over the last year, and with the release of Maximizer CRM 2018, we took a close look at how we packaged our product.

We decided we’d take the next step in our evolution towards being the top CRM provider for the SMB market. Discontinuing Group Edition, which has limitations, will allow us to fully embrace some exciting new technologies and build you an even better product integrating with many commonly used business applications. We are excited to announce our commitment to developing your Maximizer into an all-round solution for your needs.