You can get information on the tasks available in Maximizer CRM Live in the online help and User’s Guide.

Use this procedure to delete all Address Book entries in the database. This procedure is intended for sample data only. You should perform this procedure before you add your own entries to the database. All opportunities, customer service cases, and Hotlist tasks associated with the entries are also deleted from the database.

Delete All Address Book Entries

  • On the Address Book page, select Search > Company.
  • Leave the Company/Individual field blank and click OK.
    All companies and contacts in the database are displayed.
  • Select Edit > Select All.
    All entries in the list are selected
  • Select Edit > Delete selected entries.
    A warning message appears confirming the deletion.
  • Click OKto delete all entries.

Delete All Campaigns

  • On the Campaigns page, select View > All Campaigns.
    All campaigns in the database are displayed.
  • Select Edit > Select All.
    All entries in the list are selected.
  • Select Edit > Delete Selected Entries.
    warning message appears confirming the deletion.
  • Click OK to delete all entries

To access Maximizer on mobile devices, use Maximizer CRM Live Mobile Access. Click here for a list of supported mobile devices for Mobile Access. To use the full functionality in Mobile Access, users may also need to enable JavaScript and browser cookies in their browsers.

  • Log in to Maximizer CRM Live.
  • Go to Icon Bar (the panel on the right-hand side) and place the mouse cursor on Administration.
  • In the Administration pop-up, click Desktop and Mobile Setup. The URL for Mobile Access is displayed in the screen.
  • On your device, enter the Mobile Access URL into your browser.
  • Enter your Maximizer user ID and password.
  • Select Log In.

After you first log in to Maximizer CRM Live, you should change your password.

  • In the top-right corner of the page, click Preferences.
  • Click Password.
  • In the Old Password field, enter your current password.
  • In the New Password and Confirm New Password fields, enter your new password. Your password must contain at least eight characters including at least one character from three or more of the following groups.
    • Uppercase letters (A-Z).
    • Lowercase letters (a-z).
    • Numbers (0-9).
    • The dollar sign ($), pound (#), or underscore (_) symbol.
  • Click OK to close the Change Password dialog box.
  • Click Save to save the changes to your preferences.

Normally, the Maximizer system administrator sets up the time zone of each user. You can also change the time zone set in your preferences at any time.

When you log in to Maximizer CRM Live, the time zone in your preferences is compared to the time zone set on your computer. If they do not match, a message appears in the top of the Maximizer CRM Live page, prompting you to change your time zone setting.

  • To change the time zone, click Yes, select the time zone, and click Continue.
    You may need to log out of Maximizer CRM Live and log in again for the change to take affect.
  • To close the message without adjusting the time zone, click No.

Pop-up windows must be enabled for Maximizer CRM Live in your browser to access its full functionality. If you use Internet Explorer, pop-up windows are enabled when you add Maximizer CRM Live to the Trusted sites zone. If you use Firefox, you may need to enable pop-up windows for the site.

If Firefox is blocking pop-up windows, you are prompted with a message at the top of the browser window when you try to access certain commands. The message states that Firefox is preventing Maximizer CRM Live from opening a pop-up window.

The following procedure explains how to enable pop-up windows for Maximizer CRM Live in Firefox.

  • In Firefox, select Tools > Options, and select the Content tab.
  • Next to Block pop-up windows, click Exceptions.
  • In the Address of web site field, enter, and click Allow.
  • Click Close.
  • Click OK to save the changes to the Options dialog box.

If you use Internet Explorer, you may need to adjust your security settings to access the full functionality of Maximizer CRM Live. In Internet Explorer, you must add Maximizer CRM Live to the Trusted sites zone with the security level set to Medium-low.

The following procedure explains how to configure Internet Explorer for Maximizer CRM Live.

  • In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Internet Options, and select the Security tab.
  • Select the Trusted sites security zone, and click Sites.
  • In the Add this website to the zonefield, enter *
  • Clear the Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone checkbox.
  • Click Add.
    Maximizer CRM Live is added to the list of sites in the zone.
  • Click Close.
  • With the Trusted sites zone still selected, click Custom Level.
  • Under Reset custom settings, from the Reset to drop-down list, select Medium-low.
  • Click OK to save the changes in the Security Settings dialog box, and click OK again to save your Internet options.

If you use Internet Explorer to access Maximizer CRM Live, you are prompted when you first log in with information about an add-on from Maximizer Software. The message is displayed at the top of your browser window. You should accept the add-on.

  • At the top of the browser window, click the message bar, and select Run add-on.
  • Click Run to confirm the change.

If you want to create a bookmark to Maximizer CRM Live, you must specify the Maximizer CRM Live URL supplied by your system administrator as the URL for the bookmark. You should not create the bookmark using the URL displayed in the Maximizer CRM Live login page.