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Overnight success? How was such an unrealistic expression ever coined? Success is achieved through bright minded entrepreneurs, who start tangible businesses that employ talented people, who provide original products and services to genuine customers. It’s called hard work coupled with the right tools to get the job done.

SSG Recruitment fit that description perfectly. Since its inception in 2003 it has taken work, grit, the right mix of people, business tools and focus to now boast a client base of 200 plus. SSG have facilitated over 300 new business launches and report a healthy turnover of £20,000,000. Not bad for a company that was born from a ‘head-in-hands’ moment at the kitchen table of its founder, David Jones.

David, a successful Recruiter, decided that he wanted the autonomy of running his own recruitment business – the opportunity to make ‘real’ money and build an asset. Following the subsequent launch, growth and eventual sale of the business, he had his ‘Eureka moment.’ If he could access all the people and services he needed to make a recruitment business a success in one place, and have a single point of contact with years of recruitment experience behind them to act as a willing sounding board and mentor, it could make the transition from employed to entrepreneur, far less difficult and isolating.

We are SSG logoFrom this was born ‘Support Services Group’ or SSG, providing expert advice, tutoring and back office support to ambitious right minded people looking to start their own recruitment businesses, but not wanting to do it alone.

SSG hold an enviable position in the recruitment support marketplace as trusted advisors who take a personal interest in their clients, invest in the business and nurture success. As the business has grown SSG have seen the need to implement business tools and software packages that complement their vision and personality. The solutions they have selected contribute to their ethos of continuous improvement and progress.

Ten years in and SSG was growing briskly. They needed a clear thinking pragmatist to add to their team. At this point they hired Laura Mould as their Business Launch Manager to ensure that each new launch was handled smoothly. With a background in project management and strong planning skills, Laura could see that one of her first tasks would be to find some way of centralising SSGs burgeoning data.

Laura explains “I joined a successful, involved business that was going from strength to strength, and recognised we needed to underpin our internal processes with tools that would enable (continuing) growth. We were holding a lot of important information across the company, which wasn’t always easy to put our hands on quickly; frankly it was becoming a headache. If we were going to continue to delight our clients, we had to find a way to operate better.”

So Laura embarked on a project to find SSG a solution that would manage their company data, was simple to use, accessible and could help the business continue to grow with confidence. Everything was pointing towards finding a CRM. Laura had a definite criteria in mind. “I wanted a solution that, along with the data management benefits, could also track and measure results at the touch of a mouse. Metrics are vitally important to benchmark success and guide us in our improving our customer interactions.”

Laura is gregarious and highly personable so the relationship with the provider would also be important. She said “We wanted a solution that would scale with us so we knew this was going to be an ongoing relationship. All parties needed to get along, professionally”

SSG met with Maximizer’s Certified Solutions Provider, QiC and liked their manner, particularly how they listened to their requirements. There was no hard sell and QiC allowed them time to assess the various options.

SSG opted for Maximizer CRM Live, deployed as a Cloud solution as it would enable anywhere access. Laura commented “The implementation of Maximizer has made a significant change to how we service our customers, but also how we operate as a business. It’s so important to find ways to simplify processes to make the business day easier. This also keeps our team happy and helps with job satisfaction.”

Not long after the initial implementation Laura was promoted to Operations Director. Her role broadened as she became part of the core management team of SSG, dedicated to driving continuous improvement in a fast-paced recruitment incubation and support environment. Leading from the front by formulating and implementing an effective operations strategy, as well as managing the day-to-day operations within the team, her role became even more focused on enhancing a quality driven service offering. The adoption of Maximizer CRM has allowed Laura to retrieve data painlessly and generate accurate performance reports quickly. “It has enabled us to streamline our processes, be more assured in our business decisions knowing they are based on accurate up-to-date data and customer insight.”

A natural progression from her role as Operations Director, in 2016 Laura became Managing Director. As MD Laura continues to take responsibility for the smooth delivery of all operational support facilities provided by SSG, as well as implementing company policy, developing strategic plans for company growth and building, inspiring and nurturing a strong client service team. Along with the other members of the senior management team, Laura recognises the need to be nimble, reactive and proactive, but making sure that they never lose sight of what is at the heart of their business; the people, their internal team and clients.

Laura’s 5 tips to a successful CRM implementation

  • Define – There are many flavours of CRM.  Outline the problem you need it to solve and draft a list of requirements so you can keep on track during research
  • Adaptable – Choose a CRM solution that will transform and scale as you confidently grow
  • Team buy in – include all users in the collaboration from the beginning.  This helps maintain employee morale through clear communication and involvement.
  • Training – Get all users properly trained, if you don’t – adoption will be slow.
  • Consistency – change can be met with reticence so have a process documented and a CRM Ambassador to assist with cross departmental adoption

In conclusion Laura stated “To support our fellow entrepreneurs’ takes time and hard work, there are no shortcuts to success. Undeniably having the right tools to carry some of the load and enable us to confidently grow, certainly smooths the ever changing and challenging path to prosperity!”

For further insight into SSG’s relationship with Maximizer click here for their case study.

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