Key outcomes
  • Quickly access customer data from computer, tablet or phone
  • One centralized source for all customer data
  • Reduced IT costs with cloud CRM deployment
“It makes perfect business sense to move Maximizer CRM to the Cloud.”

Wanda Olszewski, Director


The Challenge

Taudata specialised recruiters based in Cape Town, South Africa. They are highly adept at finding and placing IT, Finance, Marketing and HR professionals with difficult-to-find and rare-in-market skills. This requires their team to be able to respond quickly to client’s exacting and variable needs, so fast response times are a vital component of their business. They have a large client and candidate base which means that they capture and access a huge amount of data, including sensitive information, on a daily basis.

Taudata have been utilising Maximizer CRM with on-premise deployment, to manage client and candidate records, for over 17 years.

Taudata are known to be highly reliable and responsive, so being able to access information anywhere, anytime is a very necessary component of their business. With these requirements in mind they were looking at high availability options and were keen to eliminate the need to maintain a local server. As a modern, agile business they also wanted to move to a paperless operation.

CRM Features Used:

  • Address Book
  • Advanced Searches
  • Documents Tab
  • Favourite Lists
  • Hotlist Tasks
  • Customer Notes
  • Sales Opportunities
  • Phone Notes
  • Customized Unique Data Fields
  • Word Integration


Maximizer’s Certified Solutions Provider, Camsoft consulted with Taudata to ensure that their unique business needs and expectations were met. Following successful meetings and clarity around their requirements, Taudata were confident that the migration of their Maximizer CRM to the Cloud would address their needs for anywhere access, manageability and scalability. Naturally, with any proposed change there is some apprehension, but Taudata are keen proponents of cloud based software as most of their business solutions are already deployed via this platform. Having a good working relationship with the Camsoft team helped allay any fears they had as they migrated. The transition of moving from Maximizer CRM on premise to Maximizer CRM Live in the Cloud was seamless, with no negative impact on the business.

“We see Maximizer CRM Live as a fundamental tool for our business” says Wanda Olszewski. “We deal with a huge number of individuals which equates to a lot of data! Being able to access every single record painlessly has given us a seriously competitive advantage. When we need the information, it’s there and there is no quibbling. In simple terms without a CRM we simply couldn’t handle the amount of records required in this industry efficiently. The flexibility that Cloud gives us has moved our business forward. I would ask any business owner, why would you want to stay on premise?”


One key advantage of moving to the Cloud has been access to the latest version of Maximizer with new functionality and the knowledge that product updates will be automatically available for Taudata to benefit from. No longer having to maintain and update hardware has helped reduce costs. Having a single access point for all records and being able to move from desktop to laptop to smartphone and back allows the Taudata team to work on the move, improving efficiency and record accuracy.

Since the satisfactory implementation of Maximizer CRM Live in the Cloud, Taudata have experienced a positive shift in the way they interact with their clients. The ease of sharing information has also increased productivity and value add. Putting Maximizer CRM into the Cloud in the words of Taudata’s Director has been “Fantastic!”

About Camsoft Solutions

Camsoft Solutions helped Taudata achieve success with their Maximizer CRM. Camsoft Solutions is a Certified Maximizer Software Solution Provider and has been actively involved in supplying, servicing and supporting CRM solutions since 1995. They provide a full range of technical services, including software sales, training, support, development and service level agreements, to a wide variety of customers, including ISPs, banks, insurers, manufacturers, retailers, recruitment agencies and call centres, among many others.

About Maximizer

Maximizer CRM is fueling the growth of businesses around the world.

Our CRM solutions come fully loaded with the core Sales, Marketing and Service functionality companies need to optimize sales productivity, accelerate marketing and improve customer service. With flexible on-premise, our cloud and your cloud deployment options, tailored-to-fit flexibility, state-of-the art security infrastructure, industry-specific editions and anywhere/ anytime mobile access, Maximizer is the affordable CRM solution of choice.

From offices in Canada, the UK and Australia, and a network of certified business partners in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and AsiaPac, Maximizer has shipped over one million licenses to more than 120,000 customers worldwide.

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