Key outcomes
  • Faster customer response times
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improved efficiencies by updating customer records on the go
  • Over 10% increase in team productivity
“Maximizer is a critical part of our business; moving to the Cloud has enabled us to have a 360 view of our business data as well as support our client base and respond quickly, even if we are unable to physically be in the office.”

Graham Cording, Collaboration Specialist

Smart Presentations


Aylesbury based Smart Presentations has a 30 year history of supporting a broad range of businesses including educational institutions, public sector and corporates. They specialise in making meetings more effective by using the latest innovation in unified communications, collaborative software and cutting edge business tools. They advocate “right 1st time” and due to their excellent record of delivering what they promise, their business has grown via peer to peer referrals.

The Smart Presentations team have been very satisfied customers of the Maximizer CRM on-premise solution for over 20 years. However, they were using dated versions of the software and unable to take full advantage of new product enhancements as they found the upgrade process of having a third party engineer attend on site inconvenient and time consuming.

The nature of their business means they spend a lot of time on customer sites, so they were looking for a solution that could be accessed from anywhere at any time. Having a more accessible CRM would help them become more efficient and respond faster to customers, thus increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction which would ultimately help increase revenue.

Smart Presentations considered alternative providers but the price, inconvenience and the fact that they were confident of Maximizer’s ability to deliver meant that their preference was to remain with Maximizer.

Features Used

  • Address Book
  • Advanced Searches
  • Basic Searches
  • Column Views
  • Company Library
  • Documents Tab
  • Hotlist Tasks
  • Notes
  • Opportunities
  • Outlook Integration
  • Phone Notes
  • User Defined Fields


Maximizer’s Certified Solutions Provider, Avrion, recommended that Smart Presentations consider moving to Maximizer CRM Live Cloud deployment. This would address the business’ need for anywhere access, along with the added benefit of automatic upgrades without the need for on-site intervention. The migration was painless, integration was easy and downtime was minimal as there was no requirement for staff to undertake additional product training.

Graham Cording comments “We no longer have unproductive time as we can update records within Maximizer CRM Live on the go, from any device, reducing the amount of phone calls to the office by over 50%. Without this upgrade we would never be able to keep up with the volume of paperwork that we have to handle. Storing documents against customer records is a massive benefit to us as we can easily access information without spending time searching archived files. The Maximizer cloud solution also makes it painless to add additional CRM users as our business scales. Another key benefit is that we have our data secured and backed up within a Tier IV certified data centre. We now have peace of mind and as a busy team it’s one less thing for us to have to think about.”


Moving Maximizer CRM to cloud and having on the move access to records has enabled the Team to do more prospecting and follow up calls between appointments increasing productivity by at least 10% per week. Having access to information anywhere, anytime helps improve lead management and track interactions so the business has substantially improved their customer engagement and support.

Since the satisfactory implementation of Maximizer CRM Live, Smart Presentations have experienced the cost benefits and reliability of cloud storage, so much so they are considering moving other services into the Cloud.

About Avrion

Avrion (Maximizer Certified Solution Provider) helped Smart Presentations achieve success with their Maximizer CRM. Avrion successfully delivers CRM solutions to a wide range of clients, looking for better ways to win and develop customers. Established in 2001, our core competence is deploying software technology solutions that make businesses effective and efficient.

About Maximizer

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