Key outcomes
  • Streamlined sales process and customer profiling
  • Anywhere, any time CRM access
  • Measurable email marketing campaigns
  • Role-based security permissions
  • Collaborative business dashboards
“Maximizer CRM has helped us optimally map our sales process from lead capture to opportunity level for the most targeted follow-up activities that consistently bring in sale after sale.”

Marc Allard, CEO

Processia Solutions

Processia Solutions Delivers Personalized Customer Attention on Global Scale with Maximizer CRM


Lacking a centralized way to track leads through the organization while its sales team began to grow, Processia’s sales and marketing staff were using standalone CRM tools and operating without streamlined sales processes for strategically handling leads. Additionally, Processia was not able to leverage meaningful reporting from collective customer/prospect information or strategically execute and measure results from email marketing campaigns. The company realized the need to standardize its sales process and capture all customer information in a central, robust CRM system, including equipping its sales team with 24/7 access to real-time customer information.


After evaluating multiple industry-leading CRM solutions, Processia chose Maximizer CRM for its robust and scalable functionality. The company’s expansion into the UK and France required global support, and Maximizer’s solution was ideal for strategically unifying a dispersed staff. Delivered via Windows Desktop, Web Access and smartphones-Processia chose Maximizer CRM for the following reasons:

  • Ability to streamline sales process with appropriate customer segmentation and varying sales opportunity levels
  • All-access licensing via the desktop, web or mobile device enables global, dispersed staff to access up-to-the-minute customer/prospect information
  • Scalability and comprehensive CRM feature set, including measurable email marketing campaigns with insights for tailored follow-up sales activities
  • Ability to generate meaningful reports that inform managers where time/efforts should be spent to close/move along specific deals

“With three distinct global locations, we needed a way to centralize and provide our staff cross-platform access to relevant customer data, while also designating security permissions for specific personnel to access different levels of information in the system,” said Marc Allard, CEO of Processia Solutions. “Maximizer CRM easily automated the process-giving our sales team access to the data that is most relevant for optimizing their customer interactions.”


In addition to better visibility into their full body of customer data and improved, streamlined sales processes, Processia has experienced other key results including:

Clearly Defined Lead Management

Processia’s sales team now follows a very specific sales process for leads, which varies depending on which type of account they are managing. As a result, leads are now properly captured and validated prior to being added into Maximizer’s Opportunity Management module. The entire sales cycle has become a repeatable process that enables Processia to operate as efficiently as possible while nurturing every viable lead through the pipeline.

Results-Driven Email Marketing Campaigns

Using Maximizer CRM to create and execute targeted email marketing campaigns, Processia can segment prospects/customers by distinct characteristics/demographics for more tailored marketing messages. Additionally, the system enables Processia to view key metrics around the success of each campaign, including which customers have opened the email. Sales staff can then prioritize follow-up calls to these contacts enabling a higher rate of success.

Well-Oiled Global CRM

Bridging customer data from offices in three countries has proved seamless with Maximizer CRM, which captures all data in one place and enables different personnel to access varying levels of information based on security permissions designated by managers.

Customized Renewal Module

Processia developed an add-on module for proactively managing customer renewals. This enables sales representatives to set alerts for upcoming contract expirations, access key data on prospective renewal accounts and calculate sales commissions related to specific renewal candidates.

Added Allard, “Maximizer CRM has helped us optimally map our sales process from lead capture to opportunity level for the most targeted follow-up activities that consistently bring in sale after sale.”

Processia plans to continue leveraging Maximizer for additional business efficiencies. For example, the company is presently working to integrate Maximizer’s customer support module with select Processia partners’ online portals for more seamless two-way customer information sharing and improved lead generation.

Processia Solutions

Delivering expert Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Integration and Optimization services to companies in widespread industries including aerospace, automotive, engineering, high tech, life sciences and others, Processia Solutions improves companies’ overall performance by implementing solutions that simplify process management for maximum efficiency and optimize product development. *Processia Solutions was using Maximizer CRM Version 10.5 at the time of this case study.

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