Key outcomes
  • Centralisation of customer data
  • Improved customer experience and retention
  • Improved data quality and value
  • Increased productivity
“Once you implement a CRM system, you can’t live without it! The sheer increase in our productivity speaks for itself.”

Grega Šimunovič, General Manager

Pako d.o.o.


Pako are a Slovenian distribution company who focus on selling the materials and technology for the advertising and print industry. Pako works as a partner with its customers to help them procure comprehensive solutions and support for all their printing and advertising needs.

The business was starting to accumulate too great a volume of data on their customers for it to be easily manageable. This was true at both operational and management level. The business saw that this phenomenon would hinder business growth if left unresolved. The company also wanted a solution to share feedback coming straight from the marketplace, but were finding it difficult to source.

In addition, there were concerns about possible disconnect between management, sales representatives and the in-house staff who were not dealing directly with customers.


It became apparent that there needed to be a single repository of customer and market information to run across the business as a whole, which would not just house, but would also share, critical business information with all involved stakeholders.

Maximizer CRM came very highly recommended from another business which had been using the software solution for over 15 years. As soon as Pako decided to implement its CRM solution the business began to experience positive changes. Currently in its first deployment phase, 5 staff are using the software and it has already proved its worth.


Since implementing Maximizer CRM the productivity levels at Pako have increased dramatically. One of the biggest business benefits for Pako is having visibility into increased projected revenue. The benefits to the business have not only been found in-house but through customer experience which is being enhanced due to the new seamless operations of the business.

The management at Pako are pleased with the implementation and rapid return on investment from Maximizer, noting that the support received from the Maximizer implementation team has really helped the business achieve full CRM efficacy in a short period.

Going forward, Pako continue to develop their CRM to fuel company growth, and envisage possible license expansion in order to generate increased return on investment from the solution.

“Once you implement a CRM system, you can’t live without it! The sheer increase in our productivity speaks for itself.” says Grega Šimunovič, General Manager.

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