Key outcomes
  • Anywhere, any time access
  • Proactive client management
  • Consistent client experiences
  • Manage training delivery and project management
“Maximizer CRM Live is truly the engine of Mindset Consulting – it drives everything we do and enables us to deliver on providing high and consistent levels of service to our clients.”

Sherri Ostropolski, Co-Owner

Mindset Consulting

Delivering exceptional experiences for clients

Mindset Consulting is a firm dedicated to helping financial professionals either fine-tune or reengineer their financial advisory practices in order to achieve success in their highly competitive industry. When Sherri Ostropolski left her previous firm to launch her own consulting company, she needed to find a CRM solution that could be accessed via the cloud and was highly customizable. She also wanted to be able to recommend the same solution to her financial clients – Maximizer CRM Live and Maximizer Wealth Manager CRM fit both bills.

When Mindset begins working with individual Advisory Teams which are typically one-year engagements, Maximizer is used to ensure that the onboarding process for new clients is meticulously delivered. In order to fulfill training and coaching for these teams, Maximizer’s Recurring Activities feature is used at Mindset to schedule meetings, input follow up summaries and set specific program checkpoints along the way. Mindset personnel work intimately with clients and Maximizer stores key information such as team members, core philosophies, strengths and weaknesses, and other details that can be accessed instantly and reviewed before every call.

Time management made easy

The Mindset team finds it very helpful to set aside time at the end of every week to review the work week ahead by carefully looking at each day to see what is planned. Everything that needs to be completed is scheduled directly into the Calendar, and this enables all team members to see each other’s schedules. The alarm feature is activated to easily distinguish between tasks on the Calendar that are time-bound such as meetings and action follow ups.

“Walking the walk” with Maximizer

Mindset also works with a select group of corporate clients in both the US and Canada and uses Maximizer to drive all aspects of project management and deliver training. Outlook Integration makes it easy to manage client communications directly through their Contact Records.

The feedback Mindset consistently receives from both private and corporate clients is that they clearly “walk the talk” in terms of what they are teaching them – to systematize and grow their businesses through the implementation of proactive best practices supported by people, processes and systems (CRM). Sherri recommends Maximizer CRM for Financial Advisors to her clients which is already fully customized to the financial services industry.

“Maximizer CRM Live is truly the engine of Mindset Consulting – it drives everything we do and enables us to deliver on providing high and consistent levels of service to clients.” says Sherri Ostropolski, Co-Owner and Business Advisor.

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