Key outcomes
  • Fast adoption with little formal training
  • Customized without help from IT department
  • Anywhere, any time access to data
  • More targeted sales pitches and sales communications
  • Improved pipeline visibility with sales funnel reports.
“It would be impossible for us to go back: we now arrange a meeting every four minutes for around 40 agents. We wouldn’t be able to do this efficiently without Maximizer.”

Elio Iadevaia, Founder


Meta introduces Maximizer CRM, giving the business the flexibility to do more and grow faster

Since its inception in late 2011, Rome-based commercial agency Meta has specialized in promoting and selling business products on behalf of Italy’s largest telecommunications company, Telecom Italia. Conceived with the aim of improving Telecom Italia’s corporate network across the capital, Meta has consistently grown quarter upon quarter and has seen its customer base balloon as a result.

Without appropriate tools or software however, the business was finding it almost impossible to manage its rapidly-growing customer base and engage in tasks central to any sales-based business, such as monitoring prospects and following up sales. As a result, Meta found itself facing a challenge familiar to many small and medium enterprises (SMEs) – finding a cost-effective, user-friendly way to upgrade its existing processes.

Meta founder, Elio Iadevaia explains that despite having a simple structure from a business point of view, his company is complex from an organizational perspective: “Basically, we’re a volume-based business, signing up around 1,000 new customers each quarter. Managing customer contracts on a daily basis and profiling prospects in order to approach sales effectively was really difficult without an integrated system.”

As a company that relies on telephone contact and appointment setting, Meta needed two things from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system:

  • Firstly, a solid infrastructure to daily manage the volume of calls and appointments was vital; this would have also allowed staff to make more calls each day and secure more sales
  • Secondly, the software needed to structure each client’s data in an accessible way, enabling the sales team to access the detailed information required to make a targeted sale. Organizing client data would have allowed management to track and manage sales activities for both existing customers and new prospects.

Neither objective was achievable with the company’s existing method of recording customer data, which was held in Excel spreadsheets.

Keeping flexible and on target

Realizing that his organization was neither collating nor utilising its clients’ data efficiently, Iadevaia decided to implement CRM software to organize the information and simplify the business’ central processes. After an in depth selection, Meta chose Maximizer CRM software because it was an international product with a consistent, user-friendly interface” that his team was able to adopt quickly and easily with little formal training.

Maximizer’s biggest draw card was its flexibility and the fact that the software was “very, very easy to customize,” Iadevaia explains: “The ability to customize software yourself is so important in a small or medium business without a big IT department. When you have tens of sales agents in your business, you need to be flexible in managing them. Maximizer really helped with this and was simple even for a non-technical guy like me. You simply decide what you want to do with the software and do it yourself.”

Another indispensable aspect of this flexibility is Maximizer’s mobile capability, which makes it much easier for the team to harness client data on-the-go. “Around 30% of our agents use tablets, so mobile access is very important to us,” Iadevaia notes. “It makes our agents’ job so much easier, by giving them all the information they need to connect with both clients and Telecom Italia on just one device.”

Yet, the ease with which Maximizer has enabled the organization to connect with its customers isn’t its only benefit – the software’s ability to pull together detailed customer data has paid dividends when it comes to creating targeted sales pitches. “As a business that sells to other businesses, our priority isn’t making cold calls, but making sure we have all the information we need to prepare a phone call in the right way,” Iadevaia says. “Maximizer makes it very easy for us to go in and select the kind of customer we want to target and gives us the information we need to do it.”

Growing the CRM system but not the cost

Meta began its Maximizer journey by using a handful of basic functions like the calendar, opportunity tracking, address book and call log. Recently, Meta has also introduced staff to the campaign and customer service modules. The company now has around 70 active users from all company departments (agents, backoffice, call centre) using Maximizer each day to log calls, track sales and monitor prospects.

Marco Salomone, managing director of Maximizer certified solution provider EagleProject, which worked with Meta to implement the system, comments that the ability to add users to the system quickly and easily has really helped Meta optimize the software, while keeping additional expenses down. He explains: “Meta has been able to introduce new users to Maximizer with very little internal training, keeping costs as low as possible.” This has allowed the company to manage such a number of Maximizer users without paying for a dedicated IT team to manage the system, something important for any mid-sized business with cash flow concerns.

No going back

Iadevaia maintains that Maximizer has transformed the way his business manages its customer base, monitors prospects and follows up on sales. “It would be impossible for us to go back: we now arrange a meeting every four minutes for around 40 agents. We wouldn’t be able to do this efficiently without Maximizer.” What’s more, by streamlining the business’ administrative procedures, the system has increased staff productivity and freed up time for important customer-facing, revenue-driving activities.

The most important tool Maximizer has equipped the business with is the ability to track every potential sales opportunity, something Meta was not able to do with Excel spreadsheets and something that has significantly impacted the company’s bottom line. Managing and nurturing pipeline clients is now central to the business, with the team closely tracking prospect activity and making targeted approaches based on the information Maximizer provides.

As for whether Iadevaia would recommend Maximizer CRM to other SMEs, there is little hesitation: “Of course I would recommend Maximizer to other users. It’s a really solid product with solid infrastructure and a huge number of functions. It understands what Meta needs as a business and allows itself to be personalized to meet that.” Furthermore, it’s a localized product, widely installed all over the world and this assures us to be up-to-date with new functions and new technology improvement like, for example the latest mobile implementations.

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