Key outcomes
  • Proactive response to customers
  • Streamlined sales process
  • Shared view of client production requirements
“Prior to Maximizer, customer service could spend 3 to 4 days just trying to find information. Now, with Maximizer, response time ranges from immediate to just a few hours.”

Harrison Greene, VP of Growth and Development

Mayfield Plastics

The Challenge

As a major national and international manufacturer of customized products to OEMs, ensuring that the exact needs of each client project is met is critical.

“This business is all about quality. Not only do our customers demand quality production, but they also want on-time delivery and outstanding customer service,” said Harrison Greene, Vice President of Growth and Development at Mayfield. “Businesses that buy from us are buying American, and the notion in buying American means you’re getting those simple principles rolled in with each purchase.”

In most cases, projects can range from simple to extremely complex and managing these requirements begins early in the customer engagement lifecycle, oftentimes spanning multiple stakeholders, revisions and changes.

The Solution

The company originally sourced Maximizer for its appointment and scheduling capabilities, however it was when they augmented usage and leveraged the ability to consolidate and intuitively manage customer interactions, activities, emails and notes did they realize that Maximizer was a game-changing solution.

“The customer service team documents every interaction they have with a client in one place which creates one ‘shared truth’ about a customer that is viewable by our entire team,” says Greene. “Maximizer has quickly become an indispensable tool across the entire organization. If anyone within our business has a question about what the customer needs the answer always comes back to – ‘take a look in Maximizer for the answer.’ “

The concept of a “single version of the truth” has transcended beyond the sales and marketing team, where functional groups such as product design and production now regularly reference customer requirements, notes and contact information directly from Maximizer.

“The payoff has been tremendous, “Greene happily reports. “We are benefiting from the solution across our entire business.”


While Maximizer has helped the company achieve its objectives in stringently maintaining customer requirements, it has also positively affected both operational and performance metrics at the company as well.

“Within our sales team there is now a shared visibility into the activities and meetings being held by the entire team,” added Greene. “When out of the office meeting with a customer we can immediately enter anything discussed, complex requirements and other details on the fly. This is a huge benefit when responding to future customer requests.”

Greene also suggests that customer service response rates as well as communication were the most dramatically affected performance indicators; ” Prior to Maximizer, customer service could spend 3 to 4 days just trying to find information in various databases and folders. Now, with Maximizer, response time ranges from immediate to just a few hours,” explained Greene. “This allows us to be fast and proactive in responding. We can also capture the behavioral styles of each prospect to improve customer communication and treat people the way they want to be treated. As a result we have a shared understanding with our customers with it comes to communicating.”

The achievements that Mayfield Plastics has been able to attain is indicative of the value that CRM can deliver to any organization, but not without a little help. The successful implementation of Maximizer was also dependent on the depth of knowledge and experience of Wintec group Inc., a Maximizer Business Partner, who guided the company throughout the process, and continues to support them in training and customizations.

“Working with a partner like Jon Arancio and the team at Wintec has been incredibly beneficial,” added Greene. “They are stellar people and we would not have been successful without them. Wintec is always there whenever we need help.”

Today Mayfield Plastics prides itself as a company facilitating the resurgence of American manufacturing. With Maximizer CRM allowing them to be more competitive in the market and to “go the extra mile” with customers, companies such as Mayfield have made buying American an easy choice.

Since 2006, the company has relied on Maximizer CRM to manage the sales and customer service processes, and to clearly communicate with the production team in order to support Mayfield’s “go the extra mile” strategy.

About Wintec

Wintec Group Inc. is a New York City based Maximizer business partner. We service a range of organizations from private companies with a small number of users at a single site to large corporations with offices all over the world. Some of our more recognizable clients include A&E Television Networks, Affinity Health Plan, and EMI Music. For the past decade, we have worked exclusively with Maximizer Software, giving us an unparalleled perspective on the evolution of CRM software industry. We are proud to be an award-winning partner of Maximizer Software and have been recognized as the US Solution Provider of the year award for seven consecutive years.

About Mayfield Plastics

At Mayfield Plastics it’s all about meeting customer expectations. From sales and customer service through to production, design and delivery, the company adheres to the commitment of going the “extra mile” in all aspects of its operations. Achieving expectations, however has been more than just a company slogan at Mayfield, it’s been a critical strategy that has allowed the company to stay competitive in a tough and crowded manufacturing market. Building strong client relationships and delivering high quality products built to exact requirements, on time and on schedule has been paramount to the growth and success the company has experienced for over three decades.

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