Key outcomes
  • Holistic view of customers
  • Simple and quick to deploy learn and use
  • Mobile CRM for anywhere, any time access
  • Reduces staff downtime and admin tasks.
“Kwik Kerb required a collaborative performance enhancement solution that put our sales force back in the ‘hunting’ rather than the ‘gathering’ role.”

Al Rusk, Manager

Kwik Kerb

Kwik Kerb Enables The Entrepreneurial Dream with Maximizer Mobile CRM

For Al Rusk, sales manager of Kwik Kerb Edge Master Corporation, who markets Kwik Kerb businesses for all of Canada and territory west and south of Minnesota in the United States, business has been booming. Embodying the true sense of the entrepreneurial spirit, Rusk, who ran another business prior to Kwik Kerb, knew it was time in 2003 to invest in a customer relationship management solution in order to take his business to the next level. With CRM, Rusk could help his mobile sales team more proactively and efficiently sell to potential business operators, provide ongoing customer support and mentorship for current operators and track and distribute continuous end-user leads coming in from the various Kwik Kerb Web sites.

“Having experienced several different CRM systems during my career, I was very much in favor of Maximizer CRM based on its outstanding database management capabilities, adaptability and a grow-as-we-grow scalability,” said Rusk. “For my 24/7 sales force, spending time learning a complex system wasn’t an option and a mobile CRM solution was a must.”


Using a paper-based system and tracking several thousand leads per year coming into the main office, based on an aggressive advertising and marketing program, Rusk knew there was a better way. After approaching Kwik Kerb headquarters senior management, Rusk convinced the higher-ups that Maximizer CRM was the perfect solution to help elevate his sales and provide his main mobile sales representative in Ontario, a robust solution for his BlackBerry smartphone device.

“In order to continue building the Kwik Kerb brand, implementing a highly productive and efficient way to nurture current operators and monitor leads while on the go was absolutely critical to our success,” said Rusk. “In addition, we required a collaborative, performance enhancement solution that put our sales force back in the ‘hunting’ rather than ‘gathering’ role.”


Kwik Kerb selected Maximizer’s best-in class CRM solution for the following reasons:

Maximizer CRM:

  • Easily controls accounts and provides a 360 degree view into sales leads and customer interaction both with current prospects and operators
  • Provides direct access via mobile device, online, or on the desktop, to up-to-date customer information and gives sales force the ability to handle more clients with less time researching last interaction
  • Manages and executes cost-effective direct marketing with a built-in email campaign engine to communicate with customers and drive sales leads to increase revenue.

Maximizer Mobile CRM:

  • Reduces staff downtime with access to customers, leads, opportunities and cases – in places where a laptop may not be convenient or practical
  • Increases customer face time by enabling unprecedented field productivity
  • Builds customer intimacy by knowing up-to-date customer details before a meeting
  • Improves sales forecast accuracy by getting real-time updates from the field
  • Increases CRM usage rates with reduced administration to keep accurate CRM information.


Following a simple and painless implementation of Maximizer, Rusk attributes the benefits of using Maximizer to three key factors:

  1. Holistic View of Customers – Via Maximizer’s Sales Opportunity module, representatives can stay in-front of new prospects and the tool helps the busy sales teams by giving them the ability to make quick, informed decisions while managing vast territories
  2. Simple and Quick to Deploy Learn and Use – For many of the Kwik Kerb sales and marketing team, computer experience takes a back seat to selling. Maximizer CRM is an extremely easy system to learn and use and it provides critical customer information to allow the sales team to more effectively manage their time and interact with more clients
  3. Leave the Laptop Behind – For Kwik Kerb, their smartphones are their lifeline when away from the office. Using Maximizer Mobile CRM arms them with critical operator and prospect information they require, eliminating the need to take their laptops on the road with them.

As for the future, Rusk looks forward to additional enhancements from Maximizer that will help “cement” Kwik Kerb’s position in the market as the premier provider of landscape edging and facilitators for their operators to achieve the North American dream.

Kwik Kerb

Starting your own business is the ultimate dream for many. For the last 20 years, Kwik Kerb, the global premier supplier of concrete curbing and landscape edging, headquartered in Australia, has presented an unsurpassed opportunity for entrepreneurs to quickly purchase their own proven and highly respected business. Offering a unique distributorship business model, Kwik Kerb provides its small business owners or “operators” a tried and true system, exclusive unique products including the Edgemaster, and comprehensive training and support, without the annual fees associated with franchises. *Kwik Kerb was using Maximizer CRM Version 10 at the time of this case study.

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